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7 Things to Do if You’re Stuck in Charlottesville Over Spring Break

There may not be any beaches or fancy-schmancy  high rise hotels in Charlottesville, but there are still plenty of fun and exciting places to go. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to be stranded in the middle of Virginia while your best friends are hitting the sandy shores of South Padre or the turquoise tides of Cancun, here are some suggestions for spending your precious break time in the same ol’ place you’ve been all year. Enjoy!

7.) Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello:

If you’re feeling particularly historical, this should definitely be on your list. The tour guides here rival UGuides with their knowledge of TJ’s home and grounds and absolute dedication to the job. If you have little siblings, you can take them to the Children’s Education Center at Monticello and do things like try out a polygraph machine, and lie on Jefferson’s bed. If you’re too lazy to walk around or don’t have a car to get there, try the online tour. It’s basically the same except nowhere near as cool.

6.) Hike Humpback:

It’s almost spring, right? And if you haven’t hiked Humpback yet, you are doing something wrong. While it can be very strenuous, there really isn’t anything quite like the striking beauty of the sunset (or sunrise if you’re feeling particularly adventurous) once you have reached the peak. This hike can be the perfect cure for your midterm-raddled brain, and it feels just like you’re with your friends. Pretend you’re at the Grand Canyon without all the travel expenses, or costly souvenirs, or really cool pictures, or… whatever, Charlottesville is cool.

5.) Visit Trump Winery:

I mean any excuse to drink wine is acceptable even if you’re still pondering the very recent election of President Donald Trump. This is just a small trip outside of Charlottesville, so you can pretend you’re chillaxing on a beach with palm trees in the background and big waves with hot surfers attached to them. But it’ll actually just be okay-ish white wine served alongside a frozen Trump steak. Tempting.

4.) Steal a Dog (just for the day):

When you are unable to go home for spring break, you’ll wind up thinking about the adorable golden retriever puppy you have abandoned at home (or maybe just the old family wiener dog, we don’t know). It doesn’t help when tourists are strolling around Grounds with their pups, and it’s often practically impossible to resist tripping over yourself to pet them. Simply offer their owner your services and if they don’t seem interested, just run away…with the dog. It’s not an honor code violation because you are just borrowing.

3.) Practice Making Ramen Rations:

Let’s not pretend that we have not made ramen in one of those crisis situations where we have very unfortunately run out of “real food.” For all of the haters out there, ramen is real food, okay? The ingredients are very simple: a very stylishly packaged cube of noodles and a seasoning packet that satisfies your monthly sodium intake in one bite. If you want to be fancy, you can add real vegetables like crunchy celery or onions to your noodle masterpiece. Who needs to go to Thailand for a week’s vacation when you could have the taste of Asia right at home?

2.) Plant Your Jealousy into Flower Pots for Your Roommates:


It’s bound to get lonely without your roommates and best friends around. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, plant a daisy, or sunflower in a small flowerpot and place it near your roommate’s bed. That way they’ll think you have been productive and kind while they’ve been away and not plotting some sort of revenge against them…which you haven’t been…promise.

 1.) Catch Up On Zzzs: 

Finally, some uninterrupted hours of peace and quiet for the most important thing that often gets neglected during those dreadful midterms. Sleep away Hoos, and maybe when you wake up it’ll be time for classes again. Or Monday, the list is only seven entries long.

So, if you’re stuck in Charlottesville this spring break, don’t cry too hard. Your wallet will thank you for not spending all of the money you don’t have on $18 margaritas ands aloe for your inevitable sunburn. 


WATCH: We made Malort cupcakes. They are bad.



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