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Drinking Game: The UVa Darty Bounce


Darty season is finally upon us and you know what that means: endless supplies of frat juice, and lots of pairs of muddy white Converse. This upcoming weekend is an especially busy one for darties –we’ve heard they’re repeating Hell Week at certain frats just to set up for these bad boys– and we want you all to be prepared.

What You’ll Need: A beverage of your choice in something portable (as if anyone would ever trust you with glass), sunblock, a new liver.

Number of Players: The size of any crew will do, solo works as well (it’s just more sad).

Level of Intoxication: Let’s just say you could be drinking for long enough that the darties become regular parties.

How to Play:

– Roll up to your starting darty.

– Crack open a brewski or get a pledge to pour up your drank.

The Rules:

– Sip for every person you recognize, but do not acknowledge.

– Sip for every girl in a romper.

– Sip for every boy in a Hawaiian print shirt.

– Sip for the number of stories a frat daddy’s beer bong reaches from his window.

– Sip twice if someone spills their drink in your general direction, sip a third time and spit it at them.

– Sip once when you see someone with a wizard staff of beer cans, then cast a spell on your soberest friend and make then drink one sip for each can in the wizard’s possession.

– Link arms and take a looooonnnngg sip with someone of the opposite sex if you see someone making out near the band. 

– Take a hit if you see anyone smoking because you’d be an idiot not to (double points if you smoke with Reggae Greg).

– Take on sip of Listerine and spit if you eat any of the food they’re serving at this dirty darty.

– Upon the sight of seeing someone puke, or near puking yell “DARTY BOUNCE” and you and your squad must all leave and move on to the next one, no matter what everyone was doing.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The Game Ends When: You lose a member of your squad, you have to do the Darty Bounce away from your puking homie, or one of them becomes a wizard. 


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