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SHOCKING: UVa Student to Use Reading Day to Relax Instead of Studying


Robby Blain, a University of Virginia law student, plans to use the school-sanctioned reading day, a day set aside between the last day of classes and the start of final examinations, for “relaxation time.”

When asked for a comment, Blain, who asked that we use a pseudonym to maintain his reputation at prospective law schools, sipped his piña colada and told The Black Sheep, “I got this.”

Reports from the University Registrar’s Offices have concluded that 79% of students who have made this same choice in the class regretted their decision, and 98% of students who relaxed on the reading days before finals failed nearly all of the exams. 

“I’m not at all concerned,” said Blain. “If reading days were meant for reading, then I would honestly be too prepared for my exams. It’s all about playing it cool, okay?”

Final reading days have been a long-standing UVa tradition, and records of students haphazardly disregarding the privilege of an entire day to study for five finals, write numerous twelve page papers, and prepare two presentations date back to Jeffersonian times.

According to a close friend, Amy Little, the student brazenly blowing off the reading day this year, he plans on spending his day doing a number of mundane and senseless activities.

“Yeah, he said something about slacklining, something about beer, and another thing about Bodo’s,” Little said. “He mentioned literally nothing about reading, or studying, so.”

The Black Sheep has reason to believe this will be the student’s last semester at the university, which may very well be a contributor to this behavior. 

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