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Drinking Game: Ice At Bat

Baseball and chugging alcohol are some of America’s favorite pastimes, and are true staples of American culture. This week, The Black Sheep combined the two to give birth to the most red-blooded star-spangled drinking game the world has ever seen. If only there was a way to incorporate apple pie.


What You’ll Need: A wiffle ball bat, a nice open space, and a few 12 packs of Smirnoff “mini” Ices in the plastic bottles.

Number of Players: Only two can play at a time, but feel free to form a line. Spectators make the whole thing more exciting.

Level of Intoxication:

Depending on how many rounds you play vomiting is not a possibility – it is an inevitability.



How to Play:

– Decide who is going to be the batter and who is going to be the pitcher.

– The batter grabs a bottle and chugs it while the pitcher times him.

– When the bottle has been finished, the batter crushes the bottle as much as possible and gives it to the pitcher.

– The batter touches their forehead to the bat and spins around as many times as seconds it took them to chug their bottle.

– When the spinning is completed, the pitcher tosses the bottle in the general direction of the batter.

– If the batter connects and it isn’t a foul ball (this can be ruled by the crowd), they pass the bat along.

– If they hit a foul ball or miss completely, they must chug another bottle and try again.

-The empty bottles count as “outs,” so once you get up to three empty bottles in one inning, you’re out of the game and must become part of the crowd.

– Repeat ad nauseam.


The Game Ends When:

You’re too drunk and/or too dizzy to stand up. This game can get pretty heated, especially as the level of intoxication increases, so you should probably also stop playing if you think you’re going to start swinging at your friends with the bat instead of the cans.


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