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Netflix Unveils Trailer for New Docuhorror Exposing Trump Meet-and-Greet


On Wednesday, Netflix released a trailer for an upcoming documentary-horror film based on behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from Wednesday, when Trump “surprised” a tour group of schoolchildren. 


The footage implies that the scene that went viral was not as innocent as it seemed.  Talking head segments from the children who were in it reveal that the whole thing was apparently staged, with child actors paid to yell and cheer for the President.


“They told us to sit then cheer,” said 10-year-old actor Thomas Spritzer in the movie clip. 



While the talent was told exactly what to do, some of the minors could not control their emotions.


“My scream was completely authentic,” said left-leaning 9-year-old actor Tina-Joy Jones, “I’m glad the audience perceived it as a tone of delight, but to put it frankly, I simply could not suppress my shock and horror at the sight of Trump. If they hadn’t cut to Jake hugging him, the film would have been doomed.”


Though Tina-Joy was traumatized by the experience, her mother was pretty happy with it.


“Tina-Joy was born to be a star, and it’s clear from the video,” said proud parent Patricia Jones. “She’s been acting since she was 8 months old, so this is nothing to us. We’re very grateful Trump came out to do this, but of course, Tina’s also met the presidents of Huggies, Gerber, and PBS.”


The doc also shows how the moment before Trump made his appearance was one of suspense and anxiety for the actors and crew, more than excitement or anticipation that was portrayed in the video.


“It… it was difficult, to say the least, to try and get the children to remain calm for the president,” said assistant director Kevin Leary. “In the first several takes, their screams were so loud, so terrorizing… We did ultimately have to slip sedatives in the majority of their juice boxes and play around with the audio to complete the film.”


“I had to hug big carrot man!” whined child actor Jake T. Brown, with tears in his eyes.


After long hours of filming and employing some controversial tactics, the cast and crew believed the process was worth it in the end, as they were able to make a video that trended on social media for a consecutive 20 hours.


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