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5 Things That Can Easily Ruin Your Valley 1 End of Year Dorm Party

After a long year of studying everyone wants to throw an end of the year party, and the Broncos of the Valleys are no exception. However, there are tons of things can ruin your fun, and some dorms are harder to throw parties in than others. If you’re  one of the Broncos living in the strict halls of Valley  1, here are a few things that can easily get in the way of your celebration.


5.) The smell of alcohol:

Just because you got an upperclassman to drive you to The Den and buy you a fifth of R&R, that doesn’t mean you’re home free. If you’re not discrete and let your room reek of booze, prepare to have that shit taken.


4.) Smoke:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but every semester, smoke will be rolling out of at least a few windows of halls like Britton/Hadley. If you violate WMU’s ridiculous no smoking policy, the RAs will come a knocking… and if someone smells the devil’s lettuce, you’ll have even bigger problems.


3.) Your neighbors:

Most Broncos in the dorms want to experience fun and parties, but for some reason Valley One has way more kids that want to spend time studying or some weird shit like that. Be cool with your neighbors, because Valley One has some kids that act like they go to Central.


2.) Annoying RAs:

By the end of the year, most RAs have stopped giving a shit, but in Valley One, there is a chance some power-drunk junior will try and ruin your party. It’s a good idea to wait until the strict and annoying RAs have finished their rounds before you crack the next bottle.


1.) Running out of booze:

If you live in Valley  1, the odds are good that you’re not 21 and don’t have a car; if you run out of booze, the party’s over. Unless you plan on calling your buddy in Fratville and asking him to grab a half-gal from Munchie Mart and sneak it into your room, you better have enough sauce for the night.


If you’re planning to wrap up your year with an awesome party in Valley  1, make sure you think hard about everything on this list. Even at a party school like Western, just about anything can break up a dorm party.

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