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5 Tips for Western Freshmen Planning to Party Crash

Welcome to Wastern, freshmen! If classes aren’t seeming like your cup of tea so far, crashing parties may be more up your neck of the woods. Even with all the creative, fun, and law-breaking strategies that can be attempted, proper party crashing technique all comes down to simple knowledge. So, The Black Sheep‘s guide for successfully crashing a party to make any Western house your own: 

5.) Confidence:
Your attitude and overall persona is your key to get people to like you as you randomly appear in their backyard unannounced, of course. You will most likely encounter a bouncer or sober monitor. That person will ruin everything if you can’t speak like you’re Dr. Montgomery himself. Go all in, it’s not like they’re going to punch you or something.

4.) Bring the Boys (or Girls):
Saturday’s will always be known as being for the boys, but there is certainly no exception when it comes to crashing parties together. Whether you are male or female, your chances of success for crashing a party are far better when your group has more people in it. So grab a few stragglers you find stumbling around Fratville and just walk up to a party!

3.) Bring a Gift For the Host:
Now, this is not just some gift you’ve shoplifted from the spirit shop to give to your uncle as a last-minute Christmas gift. This is a gift is a certified game changer. Since you’re a freshman, your parents probably left you with at least a half-gallon of Burnette’s that you better take advantage of, and, upon entering the party, offer everyone in sight a gulp of your half-gallon. Mmmmmm, that tastes as good as it looks. 

2.) Dress for Success:
Wear all of your most expensive brands and appear flashier than anyone else around you. This will show that you have class, and totally not make you look like an asshole. Never, ever be too afraid to show off because every broke college student at the party will envy your style and wish they could be you! So you better stack up on that overpriced official Bronco gear as soon as possible—one shitty $40 tee-shirt will be all you need!

1.) Stick around for as long as you can:
Suffering from FOMO is arguably worse than losing to CMU and can be very stressful, so staying at a party is the right choice for you. While you crash said party, do your best to stay around for as long as you can, and don’t leave the party when people start thinking about leaving or shutting it down.

As a first-year student, remember that Western is your new home for the next few years! Successfully crash as many parties as you can with the right tactics with the right people and you’ll truly have the time of your life!


Crashing parties, but for your ears? Listen to our podcast! 

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