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6 Buildings to Flip Off Before You Leave Campus

Your time at Western has had its good bits, but be honest, chances are you spend a lot of your time here wanting to flip everyone and everything off. That’s completely normal, in fact The Black Sheep has compiled a list of 6 buildings on campus that you should flip off just to let them know how much they suck.


6.) Sangren Hall:

There’s no bigger tease on campus than Sangren. Campus tours will show off every facet of the building, enticing future Broncos like they once enticed you with its beautiful architecture, nice chairs, and general classiness. Though as a student you’ve realized that none of your classes are in this building, and you’ll wonder why, considering how it seems like half its classrooms are always empty.


5.) Dunbar Hall:

Since you aren’t taking them in Sangren, chances are most of your classes are in Dunbar. And so, this grey crap-hole of a building will carry nothing but memories of painfully boring lectures and barely-passed exams. What’s worse is it’s on the far end of main campus, meaning anyone coming from the dorms gets a good, long walk to think about how much they hate whatever class they are heading to.



4.) Bernhard Center:

If you’re in the Bernhard Center, chances are it’s to either eat the nasty crap they serve in Bigelow, find out exactly how little money you have at the PNC branch downstairs, buy overpriced apparel, get your ID replaced by a bunch of judgmental assholes, or buy overpriced books in Textbook Alley. No matter what your reason for being there, a visit to the Bernhard Center rarely provides a good time.


3.) Western Heights:

East or West, take your pick. They both equally deserve to be told to fuck off. If you live in the Heights, then you probably hate them because of how much they have ruined your perception any living space you will have from here on out while at Western. If you haven’t lived in them then you hate them because you probably live in the Valleys and the Heights stand as a monument to how shitty the rest of the dorms at WMU are. Not to mention half the Heights’ residents are just little brats.


2.) The Rec:

A constant massive reminder to how little you work out, the Rec serves to do nothing but make you wish you had some self-control so that you could spend less time eating Two Fellas, and more time working out. And if you managed to force yourself to get inside, all you’d find is the ever-present scent of sweaty Broncos who look much better than you ever will.


1.)  The Parking Office:

It’s not so much the parking office itself that you want to flip off, you’re flipping this building of as it represents what you really hate on campus: the parking lots. Of course, there is a lot of ground to cover if you wanted to give all the parking lots the bird, so it’s easier to just do it to this building as a “fuck you” to all things parking at WMU.

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