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7 Ways to Prepare for House Crawl 2017


It’s that magical time of year when practically all of WMU gets together in the name of getting day drunk for no real reason. House Crawl is an event that is sure bring out the wild side in every Bronco while the police chase your drunk asses from house to house. A party like this takes a lot of preparation, planning, and practice, so The Black Sheep has a list of the best ways to get ready for the 2017 crawl.


7.) Do a practice House Crawl:

What better way to get ready than to do a practice crawl first? Grab your friends and some cheap booze and walk from Knowllwood to Bronco Club, stopping at random houses and drinking them dry along the way. People will be surprised when you show up at their door, but it’s for a good cause.


6.) Get used to the feeling of tear gas:

Everyone remembers the time that cops decided to rain canisters of tear gas down on unsuspecting house crawlers, and how fast that stopped the party. This can easily be prevented by huffing tear gas for a few hours before the day comes. They can’t stop you with tear gas if you love the feeling of it.

5.) Have a drinking plan:

When you’re planning on drinking all day, you need a very precise plan of attack. It’s easy to pound your whole fifth too fast and end up tapping out before the second house, so do some rationing beforehand. Two beers a house doesn’t sound too wild, but by the final house, you’ll be lit as shit, not asleep like a Chip.


4.) Plan a meeting spot with your friends:

When House Crawl really gets going, things get crazy, you’ll lose your friends, and it’ll be too loud to make calls. If you don’t have a plan, you might get lost forever among hammered Broncos and police horses. Plan a spot to meet up so you don’t end up sitting at Two Fellas hoping to see someone you know.


3.) Pack a lunch:

If you’re going to drink all day, you’re going to need some food. Unless you want to be one of the many Broncos waiting in line for an hour at Nick’s Gyros or Campus Wok, you should really consider packing a sandwich to go with the twelve beers you plan to drink.


2.) Prepare your liver:

You swore you’d never mix liquor, wine, and beer again, but on a day like this one, who are you kidding? Slam a bottle of tequila while your shotgun beers and slap the bag all of Friday in advance to prepare your body to fight, fight, fight with all its might. This may sound tough, but it’s much easier than trying to control yourself.


1.) Prepare your wallet:

Start getting your funds in order, because you’re going to need cash. Make sure you have more than enough coin to cover the liquor, food, drugs, energy drinks, last-minute condoms, Ubers, aspirin, bail, a lawyer, possible hospital bills, more liquor, and anything else that your dumb ass is sure to spend money on this Saturday.


House Crawl is sure to be as crazy as ever, so make sure you are totally ready to get wild. There’s no way to know exactly what will go down, but a little prep work goes a long way.

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