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Bartender of the Week: Fifth Avenue’s Brittany

Name: Brittany Papineau

Bar: Fifth Avenue

Relationship Status: Taken

Major: That’s a mystery right now

Favorite Drink: Whisky, or bourbon on the rocks

Favorite Shot: Rumpleminze

Disgusting Drink: Anything super sweet and fruity, like Sex on the Beach


What would you serve someone who just failed their finals?:

A shot of 151 and a beer.


What would be the hardest question on Fifth Avenue’s final?:

Anything that has to do with math.


If you made a shot called finals week, what would it taste like?:

It would taste really good, because I hope everyone does really good.


FMK: Rudolf, Grinch, Fifth Avenue Manager:

Fuck Fifth Avenue Manager, kill the Grinch, marry Rudolph.


What’s a guy gotta do to sink your battleship?:

Cheat! Or bribe me with money.


If finals week was a Final Destination movie, how would you go out?:

I’ll go fuck shit up like everyone wants to fuck shit up.


Where’s your favorite place to curl up in a ball after exams?:

Definitely my couch with wine.


Would you rather bop, twist, or pull Buster Bronco?:

Twist, because it reminds me of dancing.


What would Buster Bronco’s GPA be?:

He’s got his shit together, he’s got a higher GPA than most people, so like…a 3.7.


Tell us the best way to cheat on exam:

Write all your answers on the bottom of your shoe.


When did you learn Santa died?:

I had a lot of little sisters, so I learned when I was 13-14, but I was in denial.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

Because it’s super awesome!

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