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The Top 5 Drunk Food Places in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The city is best known for being the fastest growing city in Michigan, but we’re more well known for the stout and suds. Welcome to Beer City of the United States, home to more than 60 breweries stirring up the best brews. Being that beer is a valued part of our city, we also value the food that pairs perfectly with a tall cold one, but also the food that complements a long night of drinking filled with bad decisions and the ultimate hangover. The Black Sheep set out on a quest to find the best drunk foods in Beer City, and here’s what we scrounged up.

5.) HopCat:
While pounding your fifth local beer in thirty minutes, the restaurants well known “Crack Fries” are the best go-to drunk snack. The Crack Fries qualify as one of the best all time drunk foods not just because they’re fries (because who doesn’t love fries during a night of drinking) but because they’re battered in a light beer before they’re deep fried and demolished in less than 5 minutes.

4.) Yesterdog:
Pretty much every resident in Grand Rapids is familiar with Yesterdog, the famous hot dog joint in Eastown always serving up the best dogs you can find. Located just several doors down from the popular Billy’s Bar, it’s no wonder dead eyed patrons of Billy’s Bar stand in line for hours like zombies, waiting to stuff their face holes with 4 chili cheese dogs they’ll definitely be feeling in about 2 more hours.

3.) Menna’s Joint:
The popular college burrito joint that many of us know and love is also found in the middle of Grand Rapids. Serving up their well known dubs until 2 a.m., Menna’s Joint provides its customers with a greasy, cheesy, and stuffed burrito/wrap that you can’t turn down. Nothing compliments a night out of bar hopping than 1000 calories and a food coma.

2.) Food Trucks:
Nothing is better than stumbling out of the bar to see a hot dog cart on nearly every corner. This is a typical sight for the city of Grand Rapids, hot dog carts and food trucks serving up the best American street food you can think of at all hours of the night. Want another helping from our local food trucks? Swing by Rosa Parks Circle every Thursday for a plethora of four-wheeled mobile food serving up a fried food feast right in the center of the city.

1.) Wolfgang’s Restaurant:
Nothing can cure a hangover on a Saturday morning like waking up to a fresh and hearty breakfast at Wolfgang’s. Not only are they known for their famous breakfast meals that literally weigh 6 pounds not including the plate, but they’re also known for packing a protein filled breakfast to help jog your memory of all of the wild events that you don’t remembering happening the night before.

While the bounty of breweries here in beer city serves as one of the biggest attractions of the city, there are plenty of places plating up some pretty enticing meals for every beer king or queen to take on Grand Rapids.

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