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An Interview With Harrison Bach, The Bronco Whose Break-Up Pictures Went Viral

Harrison Bach is a double major in biomedical science and film, video, media studies at WMU who, in his senior year, was recently made internet famous when a bunch of super awkward photographs of him and his actual ex-girlfriend, Jackie, went viral. We actually sat down with him to find out how it felt to be a meme and why he would do something like this to himself.


The Black Sheep: Why did you do the pictures?


Harrison Bach: It wasn’t that we went to the woods and I was like, “Hey, I’m breaking up with you,” and we took photos, it was just an art project. It came up because I had these friends on Facebook who had been in successful long-term relationships and had recently posted these photos of them together in the woods. So, I saw that and I was like “oh, that’s… kind of lame,” and people see this stuff all the time and it’s so boring. I get bored just looking at it. So, I was like, here’s an idea: I’ll take photos in the same setting, except this time around I’ll take them with someone who I’m broken up with, someone I don’t feel those emotions with, who I clearly don’t want to be around. And I knew Jackie was in town, so I was like, “Hey Jackie, here’s this really quirky idea, hear me out on this” and she was like “that sounds fucking awesome, let’s totally do it.” It was meant to be internal, but it got out of hand on the internet.


TBS: What’s it like, being a meme celebrity on campus?


Harrison Bach: Ha, the weirdest thing about being a meme is that people know, and they don’t want to talk to me about it, and that’s totally cool. I hate using the word popular, and I’m definitely not famous, I didn’t make any money off this, but they don’t know me for doing anything good. I didn’t do anything, I just posted some photos on Facebook.


TBS: Do people recognize you? If so, how disrespectful of your feelings are they?



Harrison Bach: Depends on the context– if they say, “I saw the Buzzfeed or the Cosmopolitan article,” or any written articles I’ll be like, “Awesome, you know the real story.” If they say, “Hey you’re Twitter famous,” I’ll be like, “oh shit,” that’s the worst thing you could ever say to me because I know you know it out of context, and I’m embarrassed for you.


TBS: Was it awkward in the moment, taking the photos, or was it just sad?


Harrison Bach: No, not at all. It was maybe internally for myself, I was like “Holy shit, I am actually broken up with this person,” but mostly when we were doing the photos we were laughing our asses off because we thought it was kind of funny. There were a lot of blooper photos. There’s a photo of me farting and she’s laughing at me for it. But when I was editing though, it was so depressing, like “I’m so alone and hot and depressed,” [because] my computer was so warm on my stomach. So yeah maybe for a second, but not during the photos.


TBS: Do you plan on doing breakup photos in the future?


Harrison Bach: Yes, I want to do this again, or at least build off this a little bit more, because I think it would be fun to do one more thing. It would have to be with Jackie again, no one else would understand. It would have to be satirical, but someone asked me “Alright, so we see you do quirky dark photos, what are you going to do when you get married?” and I was like “Excellent question, I’m going to get engaged to my wife at a funeral.” Like, my parents are so upset, and I’ll be like, “Hey will you marry me?”



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