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5 Reasons McCracken Hall is Haunted as a Motherf***er

Located at the dead center of campus is something terrifying that haunts the dreams of all former, current, and future Broncos at Western Michigan University: McCracken Hall. Some whisper of an asbestos outbreak inside the hall, while others claim that the walls have succumbed to black mold. Recent discoveries indicate that there have been a number of disgusting and spooky acts that have taken place inside the walls of this building that have left it haunted beyond belief. After figuring out why McCracken Hall really is haunted, you will be begging everyone at the university to tear it down. 

5.) It fucking looks like a haunted house: 
Come on—we all know if any building on campus would be haunted, it would be this one. The fact that it looks like a haunted house alone and has been abandoned for years should be evidence of it being a spooky house for ghosts. Just look at that photograph. That is what nightmares are made of.  

4.) It served as an “f-shack” for decades: 
Yes, you read that right. From 1950 to approximately 1981, McCracken Hall was the hot spot in Kalamazoo for old homeless people to have sex at. Forensic evidence suggests that after classes ended for the day, late at night, the homeless would all flock to this hall, break down the doors, smash in the windows and have their orgies until dawn. To this day, some students claim to see the homeless lurking about in the night. Honestly folks, what could turn a building haunted faster than that? 

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3.) Strange, drunk disappearances: 
Ever since the opening of McCracken Hall, there have been hundreds of Western Michigan students who were last seen getting drunk as fuck outside the hall, then to wake up in mysterious places around campus. Some say they were just too drunk, but that’s too easy of an explanation. It’s much more likely that demons are at work here. One thing we do know is that McCracken Hall does not party. Seriously, do not fuck with this place.  

2.) Dirty Chip goblins: 
Legend has it that the Central Michigan Chippewa students who enter McCracken Hall turn into vile goblins, then run off into the night making a giant ruckus all over campus. They could be goblins; or they could be regular, weird-looking Central students. Oftentimes it is difficult to spot the difference between the two. You should avoid this place and the goblins the same way you should avoid Mt. Pleasant.  

1.) Buster Bronco burial ground: 
Western Michigan University became the Broncos in 1939. The average lifespan of a bronco in the wild is only about 25-30 years. That’s right—this means that there are a number of mummified Busters buried underneath McCracken Hall. When a Buster dies he simply gets thrown under this old, shitty building with all the other Buster Broncos of old. Ever since Western was a farm, rotting bronco corpses have festering under the haunted hall. 

The evidence stacks up pretty well against McCracken Hall. Stay as far away from this horrible place as possible, unless you are feeling particularly spooky.  


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