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The 2017 Western Michigan Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1



March Madness is upon us, and we all know what that means: basketball, brackets, and booze! Of course, all three of those things are going to lead to food, so it’s only natural that we at the Black Sheep made a bracket of our own: The 2017 Western Michigan University Drunk Food Bracket.


For the next 3 weeks, The Black Sheep will be hosting a poll to decide who comes out on top in the various matchups until a winner is decided. Voting for the first round ends this Friday at 5 p.m. so get those votes in!



The Pizza Division:


1.) Hot Slice:
The reigning champion from last year, Hot Slice’s Place atop the this group should come as no surprise to Broncos. With everyone getting their own slice, there’s no need to divide up the cost, we all know how hard drunk math can be.


2.) Bilbo’s:
The perfect place to head if you want to drink more once you get your food. Also perfect if you’re a Lord of The Rings nerd who likes deep dish.


3.) Blaze Pizza:
Sometimes drunk minds come up with the best toppings, and Blaze gives you complete freedom here. If the tequila is telling you to get Zucchini, Bacon, Sausage, and gorgonzola cheese, make it happen.


4.) Domino’s:
Perhaps Domino’s doesn’t sound too appetizing, but by 3 am options are limited, and when everyone else in town has already shut down the phone lines, Domino’s answers the call.


Non-Pizza Division:


1.) Two Fellas:
With the best wraps this side of town, it’s no surprise they end up the one seed here. Complete with the most janky chairs sitting in the corner you’ve ever seen, Two Fella’s is the perfect late night stop while stumbling back to campus.


2.) Campus Wok:
As imposing as Two Fellas can be, one cannot forget their next door neighbors. Kung Pao Chicken at 3 am? Don’t be let that stomach sit empty till you’re too hungover to cook breakfast.


3.) Insomnia Cookies:
Too drunk to walk somewhere, but still have a sweet tooth? Sit back, order yourself 3 Snickerdoodles and open another beer.


4.) Big Burrito:
The lone mexican flavored option in this bracket, Big Burrito doesn’t skimp on the “big.” Don’t give them a call expecting to have room for dessert.


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