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Top 10 Things You Must Do During WMU Welcome Week

Welcome Week is here and Broncos better be prepared to party. Hit up the pool, bars, even the dorms. Every Bronco has to kick off the start of the school year right, so do it big.

10.) Go to a U.S.A-themed party:
You can find an America, U.S.A, Team America, Captain America, etc. party on every single block during the week. Whether you prefer to soak up the sun in a red, white, and blue bathing suit or go all-out with an American flag dress, it’s a sure bet to find a patriotic party every 500 feet on campus.

 9.) Order a Backdraft:
It’s the legendary drink from the Library that everyone talks about. Hit it up on a Saturday night for half off, 2 of these miracle workers will have you done for the night. Only $5 on a Saturday and they get the job done.

8.) Cure a hangover at Crow’s Nest:
Clear coffee mugs…what is this sorcery ? Crow’s Nest is the best cure for hangover. Order the greasiest item on the menu and you won’t be disappointed. You may have to wait in line for a half hour and walk up a flight of stairs in which each stair looks about 10 feet high when you have Bud Light sweating out of your pores from the night before, but it’ll be worth it.

 7.) Make a Den Pop mixie:
Den Pops are the ultimate tool for your day drinking needs. They’re the base of all good mixed drinks with their thousands of different flavor combinations. Hit up the Den during Welcome Week for all of your party needs.

6.) Get a Den Pop the morning after:
The famous phrase “hair of the dog,” but without the alcohol, for your morning cure.

5.) Order as much food from Two Fellas as you can:
Two Fellas is the gift the gods granted upon Kalamazoo. A permanent smile will be plastered onto your drunken face at 3 a.m. when your food arrives at your house, apartment, or dorm. It’s like a warm hug to your soul when you chomp down on your tater tot-stuffed wrap.

 4.) Don’t get MIP’d:
Avoid the police at all costs during the week. And if you aren’t the legal drinking age, then avoid getting an MIP at all costs; no Bronco wants to tell their parents that they got a ticket on their first week at school.

 3.) Knollwood “house party”:
Every year there is a rumor that the Knollwood Townhomes will have a rager in the parking lot. Whether or not this year’s rumor is true or not you better get your ass to that parking lot, because if you tweet it, they will come…

2.) Campus Court pool party:
Every Bronco must go to the Campus Court pool party. The pool is packed with people all day long and it is guaranteed to be the best part of Welcome Week.

1.) End Welcome Week with no ragrets, not even a single letter:
Go out every day that week and power through your hangovers because no one wants to hear a story that begins with, “well I stayed in last night.”

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