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6 Ways to Get Blitzed on a Budget at UW

A fresh start at UW-Madison fills students with hope, yet empties their bank accounts. Paying tuition before each semester is more painful than waking up next to Chad from Sig Chi, 10 minutes before your 8 a.m. class. There’s broke, and then there’s college broke: where you can’t afford to splurge on name-brand garbage bags, but you have no problem blowing $46 just to dance to the Top 40 with some mixies in-hand. That’s where we come in, giving you money-saving tips where they really matter: booze. How else are you supposed to forget about your money problems?!

Mondays at Monday’s:
It’s a Monday night and you’re feelin’ yourself. So where is the most cost-efficient place to get hammered on Satan’s day? Monday’s on State Street, of course! Monday’s has a great deal each Monday where rail mixers are just $2. But “mixer” is a generous term. Their drinks are suspiciously strong, in the best way of course. Buy two (or three) of these and you’ll be feeling fine.

Nitty Gritty Power Hour:
A landmark in Madison, and for a reason, the Nitty is always a cost-efficient establishment for college kids. But during their Power Hour it speaks especially to those frugal hearts out there. Power Hour runs from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and includes $1 High Life taps, $1.50 rail mixers, and $2.50 bomb shots. Think of the possibilities! BONUS: Tuesdays are double power hour which means it runs from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. Holler. Double = 2 hours, for you comm majors reading this. 

Thirsty Thursday (part I):
State Street Brats— not just known for their #1 fan, Mark Zuckerburg, but also for their great Thursday deals. Brats does $1 mixed drinks after 9 p.m. Bring an Abe Lincoln in with you and you’re sure to be having a great night. Five vodka sodas for less than your Spotify subscription? Yes please.

Thirsty Thursday (part II):
Whiskey Jacks is the ~place to be~ on Thursdays if you are cheap a.f. From 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. they have PBR taps and rail mixers for 25 cents. Yes, only a quarter. After 10 p.m., prices will double (AKA fifty cents). And they’ll double again at 11 p.m., aka $1. All you math majors can calculate how many drinks you can get for $5 at Whiskey Jacks on a Thursday. Warning: you’re not getting in with a fake I.D. Their prices come at a price.

The Double U always has some buy-one-get-one deal going on, whether it’s on mixed drinks, beers, or pizza (yeah, pizza). On Wednesdays they even have a special where if you buy a Red Bull mixer, you can add a bomb for $1. Red Bull and bombs. Name a more iconic duo.

Staying in and saving:
Not going out but still trying to get wasted on a budget? Easy. Split a bottle of your preferred cheap vodka with your friends and chase with Four Lokos. Not for the weak minded (or stomached), but super cost-efficient in terms of getting very drunk. Head over to Tagg’s and get two Four Lokos for $4. Even more cost efficient? Get a frat guy to buy these for you. You might have to curve him later, but you’re saving four bucks – totally worth it!

A final pro-tip that can be applied to any and all of these situations, and is totally FREE: a hand stand. Pop up on your hands for at least ten seconds and the blood will rush to your head, making you feel more drunk. It’s science. Don’t question it. Drink safe and drink affordably, Badgers!


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