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Where Can You Heat Up Your Lunch On Campus? A List Of Every Microwave At UW

If you’re anything like me, you occasionally overshoot the pasta amount when cooking and have ample amount of leftovers sitting in your fridge. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could load that tub of noodles up in your backpack and heat it up on campus in between classes? Problem is, microwaves are few and far between on campus, which can be difficult for hangry Badgers. But, to ease everyone’s grumbling tummies, I’ve located every student-accessible microwave at UW. Here they are:

Vilas Hall:
This microwave is a real diamond in the rough. To find it, you’ll need to get to the second floor of Vilas – which means you’ll enter through the doors to the right of the giant mosaic mural of naked people. Once through the first set of doors, head straight ahead past the elevators, and you’ll find the microwave sitting on a lone table in a dark hallway.

Agronomy Hall:
Sometimes to find a microwave you need to bend the rules a bit. Which basically means you’ll have to enter a staff lounge or two. That’s the only way you’ll find this microwave in the agronomy building, which coincidentally also has a room titled “Weed Science,” but that’s a different story. Head to the left after walking through the main entrance and find the faculty lounge in room 384. And do not overlook the rack of assorted candy sitting idly next to it.

Business School:

Like the business school doesn’t already have it all, right? BUuuuUUuut, now they finally have something for everyone. On the first floor by the vending machines is where you’ll find the microwave probably sponsored by Vineyard Vines.

Law Library:

A holy trinity was found in the Law Library nestled on the South side of Bascom Hill. Down on the lower level in the Madison Law Alumni Association Student Commons, there is a quaint area they like to call the Sidebar Cafe (which actually just looks like an abandoned Badger Market) where there’s three microwaves. This means you can heat up three different things at once. Or one thing three times. Your preference.

Microbial Sciences:

This ‘wave should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s on the second floor of the Microbial Sciences commons area. But that second floor closes at five o’clock! If that’s not enough to make you want to break the rules, our sources are also pretty certain it’s a grad-student lounge. Head in around 8:30 p.m. when there’s sure to be some overworked TA from Arkansas in there drinking out of a thermos and start talking about how you’re rewriting your thesis on the Naked Brothers Band for the seventh time.

Medical Sciences:
You’re already headed to the worst Badger Market on campus that they keep in a basement, so why not just head a little further to get to a microwave so you don’t have to eat one of their stupid bagels?


First of all, Birge Hall is one of most exciting buildings on campus. When you walk in, it looks like you’re Leo boarding the Titanic for the first time after winning your ticket in a 1920s poker game. And then, just as you’re twirling around in awe, you notice the giant, stuffed polar bear above the entranceway. Oh, and then if you turn left to the Wisconsin State Herbarium and head back past the creepy lockers, you’ll see a kitchen area where you’ll find the wood paneled microwave from the 70s. Heat up at your own risk.

The microwaves found in here are a real representation of the melting pot that is Sterling Hall. Home to Gender and Women’s Studies, Astronomy, Folklore and the survey center, this building is a home to all. So it makes sense that on the 3rd floor department lounge you can find three microwaves and a toaster oven– all from different decades.


Most of your dining halls are going to have a microwave, but the one in the Bean and Creamery in Dejope is right next to a 3D printer that any UW housing residents can schedule to use. $10 to the first person who schedules to use it to build a replica of the microwave.

Take the time to thank your friendly student government, because on both floors of the Student Activity Center you can find a microwave to pop your popcorn at freewill.

Go hungry no more, Badgers. These microwaves may look like they’re straight out of the 70s, but at the very least they can still heat up some gd soup on this, the 507th day of January. And if you need a map because you’re new here, look at UW’s map, so forward thinking with their ‘waves.

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