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Top 5 Places to Take Graduation Pictures Besides the Terrace and Abe’s Lap

We are sick of seeing all the generic graduation pictures taken from a terrace chair at Memorial Union or from Abe’s lap on Bascom Hill. Can we please be a little more original than that? You just became graduates from The University of Wisconsin-Madison; not Minnesota, so let’s use those brains of ours and be creative damnit. Let’s show people the real Wisconsin Experience through your graduation photos.

5.) Your Freshman Year Dorm:

Throw it back to your newfound independence, dwindling innocence, mass amounts of germs and nights spent with the white porcelain throne. Sure, your parents will never truly know what went down in Sellery 8A, but you will always know…whether you want to remember it or not.  It wouldn’t be a true Wisconsin Experience if you didn’t live in campus housing, so take a graduation picture at your old humble abode, look how far you’ve come (or not) since then!

4.) A Dining Hall:

So many options and you don’t have to cook any of it yourself. What a steal. You never know how much you actually value dining hall food until you live in an apartment and your parents no longer put money on your Wiscard. Passing Gordon’s Dining Hall becomes a tease once you’re out of University Housing. Sure, you could go to the dining hall and relive freshman year, but everyone knows you’re not a freshman anymore and you are judged. Take a picture in your cap and gown in your favorite dining hall and bid farewell to cheap and freshly prepared food, because adulthood is on the horizon and there are no dining halls there.

3.) Tower of Footballs Outside Camp Randall:

Your parents will think it’s an artistic photo and “cute” because it’s a statue with a stack of footballs on it outside Camp Randall, but really it’s the biggest joke of your Wisconsin Experience. You’re really going to miss that phallic symbol.  Gotta document your immaturity, because sooner rather than later it will become unacceptable to laugh when you think something resembles a penis.

2.) At the Serf/Natatorium:

Whether you were a gym rat, or never once stepped foot in one of the workout facilities on campus (zero judgment because food is life), if at any point in your adult life you decide to work out and join a gym, it will never be free again. So take a graduation picture on the indoor track, in the weight room or on the basketball courts to remember the good times when working out didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

1.) The Library:

Take a picture in that glorious cap and gown and throw up the big bird to College library and all the hours, blood, sweat and tears that have been shed inside those four walls. You did, even when you thought you never would. Even when you failed your first exam in college and you sat in the library crying and looking up alternative career paths. YOU MADE IT!

If you take some kooky graduation pictures, make sure to tag us at @BlackSheep_UW! We can’t wait to see your creative graduation pictures Badgers, and if you’re not graduating yet, that sucks.

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