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The Black Sheep is the nation’s fastest growing college media and marketing company (probably) with teams at over 150 campuses and growing. Our goal is to help businesses and brands reach the 18-24 year old demographic through hilarious local content and on-campus marketing campaigns.

Founded in 2009, our first publication called The Booze News, was printed on computer paper in the library and handed out like The Federalist Papers at 2 a.m. around campus at The University of Illinois. People wanted more, and yadda yadda yadda we rebranded to The Black Sheep and expanded to more schools on a mission to change campus-based media for the better.


We are the originators. Before your school paper realized they were boring, we wrote targeted content about real college life. Sure, things have changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same: We create original content that nobody can match. Hi, we’re The Black Sheep.


When it comes to media, we create structured teams where students receive feedback, grow, and develop the skills to crush it after they graduate. We push to think outside the box and write articles that have a comedic impact. Unlike other collegiate publications, we don’t just let any dummy with a keyboard get published.


On the sales and marketing fronts, we connect local businesses and national brands to college students. Since we combine online, mobile, social media, video and guerrilla marketing, we effectively reach students anytime, anywhere. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all your student marketing needs.


We’re The Black Sheep We’re a company that cares about the teams we build, the content we produce, and the clients that pay our bills. And beers. We also care about beers.

leadership team

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Atish Doshi
Founder and CEO

Atish started the company at, and graduated from, The University of Illinois. He now tries to tell people what to do and sometimes it works. Fun fact: has only changed the bottle in the office water cooler once.

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Mike Mancini
Director of Media

Mike was Chief Campus Editor his senior year at UConn before moving to Chicago and running The Black Sheep’s social media. Fun fact: learned how to use a can opener less than a year ago. 

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Heather Jo Gorius
Director of Sales

Heather Jo graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and oversees the all local sales operations for The Black Sheep. Fun fact: met Snoop Dogg, and like hung out with him.

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Brendan Bonham

Brendan graduated from the University of Illinois then moved to Chicago and started overseeing editorial operations for The Black Sheep. Fun fact: Changed his fun fact himself because he didn’t like the one someone wrote for him.

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Amanda Giannini
Director of Marketing

Amanda worked in guerilla marketing as a student at DePaul University, then was hired as a National Marketing Manager after graduating. Fun fact: has an uncountable number of tattoos.

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Mackenzie Harding
Director of Video

Mackenzie worked her way up to Chief Campus Editor at the University of Minnesota before landing a job as National Campus Editor. Fun fact: Summitted Kilimanjaro’s Shira Route in a world record 47 seconds. 

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Addie Lazzell
Marketing Research Manager

Addie worked as Chief Campus Editor for two years at Michigan State before being joining the corporate team in Chicago. Fun fact: plans her outfits for the week with an app like a crazy person.

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Colin Hanner
Director of Editorial

Colin graduated from Ohio University. He worked at a few different newspapers and publications before joining The Black Sheep team. Fun fact: was on Twitter before 280 characters was a thing.

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Andrea Jablonski
National Editorial Manager

Andrea worked as a Staff Writer for two years at Michigan State University before being hired as a National Campus Editor. Fun fact: has a cat, for now…. 

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Morgan McCabe
National Social Media Manager

Morgan worked as the Social Media Manager at the University of Virginia before being hired as a National Social Media Manager. Fun fact: got everyone in the office to start using “y’all” by some form of witchcraft.

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Matt Cantlon
National Social Media Manager

Matt worked as a social media manager at the University of Kansas before joining the corporate team. Fun fact: Is known around the office as “The Good Matt.” 

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Kaitlyn Roberts
Office Manager and Graphic Designer

Kaitlyn graduated from DePaul University where she studied Advertising, Graphic Design and Studio Art. Fun fact: Kaitlyn is basically tied with Atish for office seniority.

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Blake Isaacs
National Marketing Manager

Blake studied in the James Madison College at Michigan State before coming to work for The Black Sheep. Fun fact: He was a baby model but like, whatever, who wasn’t.

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Jenna Widell
National Marketing Manager

Jenna studied psychology at Texas A&M University where she worked The Black Sheep as a Campus Campaign Manager before moving to Chicago. Fun fact: she has four fake teeth, but it’s up to you to figure out which four.  

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Stephen Steinkirch
Lead Software Developer

Stephen was a Web Software Developer before joining The Black Sheep team. He graduated from DePaul University. Fun fact: he might have an addiction to bubbly water, we’re starting to get concerned. 

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Diane Myers
National Video Production Manager

Diane was a staff writer at Michigan State and for 2 years as well as a National Writer for us before coming to Chicago after graduation. Fun fact: smiles a lot, almost too much.

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Alaina Jaye Halsey
National Social Media Manager

Alaina studied Journalism and Telecommunications at Ball State University before coming to work for The Black Sheep. Fun fact: can count to 10 in Romanian, or so she says. 

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Ben Knapp
National Social Media Manager

Ben studied English at Mizzou where he worked for us as a writer and social media manager. Fun Fact: He started a petition for AirPods to be renamed AirBuds. Still a work in progress.

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Aida Moradi
National Recruitment Manager

Aida studied marketing at DePaul before coming to work for The Black Sheep. Fun fact: When she was 13 she auditioned for a Disney Channel show and made it to the final callbacks, but then they told her to go home 🙁

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Jillaine DeYoung
National Marketing Manager

Jillaine studied strategic communications & management at the University of Minnesota and was a Campus Campaign Manager for The Black Sheep for two years there. Fun Fact: She was voted “Most Likely to Talk Your Way Out of Anything” in high school…

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Aleks Karczmiarz
National Marketing Manager

Aleks studied public relations and women’s studies at the University of Florida before moving to Chicago. Fun Fact: she took a 3 year break between high school and college, she’s also seen all of Friends and Grey’s Anatomy 5 times, so that’s probably what she did during that 3 year break.

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Aaron Blaser
Software Developer Intern

Aaron is currently studying computer science at DePaul University. Fun fact: Aaron is the tallest person in the office, like easily. 

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Dan Schmuldt
Editorial Fellow

Dan currently studies English at The University of Illinois at Chicago where he started UIC’s branch of The Black Sheep and is currently the Campus Manager. Fun Fact: Hits every note perfectly while singing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” in the shower. 

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Lee Szleifer
Video Fellow

Lee is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago studying film with a focus in directing. Fun Fact: He lived in Israel for four years and he also met Dave Bautista that one time.

Corporate Contact Information

226 S Wabash Ave.
Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60604

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