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10 Things Only Arizona Wildcats Know Are True

The University of Arizona is unique in many different ways, but only true Wildcats would know about it. To others, they’re mysterious, but to us, they’re normal. Here are the top 10 topics that need some down-right explaining.

10.) The Mall? Oh, Yeah, No It’s Just a Bunch of Grass:

Many new students and visitors are constantly bamboozled because they can’t find the mall at U of A… maybe because it doesn’t exist! No stores, no shopping–nothing, just a bunch of grass. The Mall basically serves as a gathering place to hold events at the center of campus. When friends who don’t go to U of A come visit you, try playing a trick on them next time they’re in town, and ask them if they want to go to The Mall.



9.) Every Building Has to be Made of Brick:

This is a golden rule at the U of A, whether it be the walls or even the flooring, there needs to be brick. Many don’t detest this rule, not only because it keeps the building cooler in the scorching heat, but because it also sort of feels like you’re at Hogwarts, but in the desert. 


8.) Wearing Sweaters and Jeans when it’s 75 Degrees Outside:

Now, many complain about the AZ heat, but when it gets even slightly cold, it feels like winter is coming… most Arizona natives go berserk and prepare to battle these “cold” temperatures like it’s Game of Thrones or something.


7.) There are Freaking Lizards Everywhere:

The Historic District is practically crawling with these little bastards. It’s become a game to try and not step on one. In the end, it could be worse, and we could all live in fear of giant bears roaming around campus.


6.) So is Danny DeVito:

Danny DeVito is a beloved fellow whose face is plastered across campus. He’s on fliers for the school’s improv team, he is pinned on backpacks, and he’s even decorated on students’ laptops.  But come on, how could anyone veto this Vito?


5.) There are Cameras Around the Gym:

U of A provides an online service for students to see when the gym is busy by displaying pictures of different sections of the gym that are being used. Granted, this can be a helpful tool, but just keep in mind next time you’re knee-deep in a squat that Big Brother is watching.


4.) We Take Our Research Seriously:

We pride ourselves in researching all sort of things, some people would never even seem to care about. For instance, there’s a whole research building dedicated to “Tree Ring Research.” Who knew wood could interest so many people in a non-sexual way?


3.) Brother Dean:

Brother Dean, AKA one of the most despised men at U of A, has harassed students through his ridiculous claims about religion. This “Christian” man no longer preaches on campus, due to his arrest for kicking a female-student in the chest because she disagreed that sorority girls are sluts. That girl took one for the team, because now he is no longer allowed to preach on campus for a year. Thank the Lord!


2.) Thirsty Thursdays:

Other campuses across the nation typically party Friday or Saturday night; however, the U of A is quite different,  we party hard on Thursdays. Why is it that U of A mostly parties just on Thursdays is still a mystery, but hey, at least we still manage to be one of the top party schools in the nation.


1.) The UA President’s Mansion is now an All-Girls Dorm, and by the Way it’s Haunted:

This dorm may look beautiful, and fancy, as it once was the first president of the university’s mansion, but when it comes to basement it’s a whole different story. This place is creepy AF. Some residence report they they’ve heard mysterious noises coming from the basement… whether or not it was just a washing machine or a ghost is still unknown… But seriously this is legit a hallway in the dorm.


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