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Has PC Culture Has Gone Too Far in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

I’m not one to participate too much in the Twitters and Facebooks of the world but yesterday I went to Star Wars: The Last Jedi with my nephew and his 7 friends and I couldn’t believe my eyes. PC Culture in Star Wars The Last Jedi has run amok. Here are just a few of the things I saw that can’t believe Disney would include in its rendition of what used to be a great franchise, and I’m not just talking about the black guy. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen this snowflake crybaby wet dream come to life. 

Chewbacca Kneeling for the National Anthem:
I’m not sure why during the ceremony at the end of the movie they played the national anthem, but they do, and during it Chewbacca kneels. Not only does he kneel, but he kneels on an American flag (America doesn’t exist in the Star Wars universe, although it should and President Trump should’ve appeared in the film, but that’ll be in a forthcoming blog post). He then looks into the camera and says “the slaughter of black children by white police needs to end.” Now I stopped watching the NFL in August when they started kneeling, but come on, does this need to happen in Star Wars? Be happy there’s a woman Jedi. A woman. In my Star Wars the only woman Jedi was Leigha, and she was too confused by her period to know she had it in her. 

Darth Vader is White Now:
The villianation of white people needs to end. It’s ok to be white, I tell that to the mannequins in my shed all the time. But to make the most evil guy in the known universe white is a step too far. He should be black, and that’s that. I won’t go into it more, he just… it’s better when he’s black. Like Boba Fett was green, and I don’t see green people complaining!!!

When They Behead All the Rich People: 
Now I’ve been working minimum wage jobs for the last 40 years, but that doesn’t mean I go to Las Vegas (Canto Bright being the obvious analogy here) and think all the rich people there should die or whatever. In Star Wars The Last Jedi they go to the Star Wars version of Las Vegas and pull everyone who looks rich, look into the camera and say “eat the rich,” then behead all the small business owners. If anything, it’s those lazy people like Rose or that black Jedi who rely on handouts who should be punished. It’s just gone too far is all I’m saying. 

When They Blow Up a Trump Tower on Dagobah:
They’re not even hiding it anymore! This is propaganda!!! Donald Trump is our president, and the fact that these Hollywood elites are getting away with such propaganda is dangerous. When Luke Skywalker pulls up the 3D map of the Death Star and says “This isn’t our enemy anymore,” then pulls up a Trump Tower hologram and says “This is the guy we need to stop,” and everyone applauds, I was sitting there like, hey, what the heck???? Am I the only one seeing this????

The Mere Fact that They Replaced Carrie Fisher with Hillary Clinton:
At this point I was like, COULD SHE CONTROL THE DNC ANY MORE>????? The youth watch this movie, and them seeing Hillary Clinton explode a Trump Tower and then wink and walk away from the explosion while the screen displays “Vote Democrat in 2018” is just crazy to me. We need to control Whacky Hollywood from spreading its liberal agenda.  

If you also saw Star Wars The Last Jedi and also saw some liberal brainwashing that I missed, please tweet me your screenshots so we can send them to Ajit Pai, a real life Jedi, and he can put an end to this propaganda. 

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