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49 – Vrunt and Talkin’ ’bout Poopin’

This week on Booze Before Noon, Vrunt from Twitter and Feedbuzz fame comes on to talk about his podcast. Before that, thought Mike and Brendan start the podcast by talking about pizza and drinking Malort like a couple of nancy boys who don’t like the taste despite drinking it every week for the last almost 50 weeks. 


Is all pizza good pizza? Yes. Is shitty microwave pizza bad pizza yes? Just like crack is not coke, however, microwave diet pizza is not pizza. And fuck you if you think otherwise. 

The conversation quickly changes to pooping, because of course, when Brendan brings up a Reddit thread (pictured below) where grown men have lived their entire lives just not knowing how to shit and/or wipe their asses.

Imagine being so homophobic that you can’t wipe your ass. Now imagine being Mike. Ugh, it would suck to be that short and hairless, wouldn’t it? And he’s got a tiny little butt that’s, for how much oatmeal the kid eats, covered in shit. Wow, that really sucks. 

Once Mike is done talking about his gross feet, he moves onto his phobia of peeing in public, and not knowing how to use a urinal up until his college years, for which Brendan agreed. Quinn, on the other hand, thrives in public restrooms, not to mention wall-less stalls in public restrooms, where you need to just swallow your shame and shit your life into pieces. 

Vrunt finally gets on the line to talk about tarot forcing him to move, the HQ trivia game sweeping the nation, and how he landed on the infamous Twitter handle that is Vrunt. 

Oh and hey, got rate and subscribe on iTunes, ya jerks. 

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