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10 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Binghamton (Besides a Significant Other)

Every college student knows the familiar, gut-wrenching feeling that comes as Valentine’s Day, or what is better known as “Single’s Awareness Day” (S.A.D.) rolls around the corner. If you thought having to endure watching people suck face in every corner of every bar on State Street was bad, just wait until you get to see sober people do it all over campus. Or in your very own room. Rather than trying to drown out the unmistakably vulgar noise of your roommate’s bed rocking, here’s what you could be doing this Valentine’s Day instead:

10.) Chug an entire bottle of wine. Or two:

Who cares if you were saving that for your “Girls Night”. Have your own girls night and slug the heck out of that thing. Your friends, if they are good ones, will totally understand.

9.) Order yourself a 6 pack of Insomnia Cookies: 

Let’s face it. You might as well get two of these. There is no better holiday than this one to treat yo’self and indulge in your drunchies with some sugary goodness.

8.) Take yourself out to dinner and a movie:

If you don’t have a significant other to do this with, why not do it with yourself? Besides, you know you make a great date with an awesome taste in “Rom-Com” movies. (minus the “Rom”).

7.) Do your statistics homework:

Okay this is honestly much better than hearing your roommate and significant other make their way to the shower. Remember, you use that shower too. Ignorance is bliss.

6.) Get yourself some Ben & Jerry’s from Nite Owl:

If you go on the right day, App has some rockin’ options of Ben & Jerry’s flavors. This will go perfectly with your Insomnia Cookies and stream of tears.

5.) Check out Late Nite Bing:

Here’s your chance to find some other S.A.D. hatin’ singles and make some beaded bracelets with them. Nothing brings two friends together more than a mutually shared hatred.

4.) Take a trip to the Oakdale Mall:

Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness has clearly never bought a pair of shoes. It’s okay, just remember to beg mom to give your lonely self some more money tomorrow.

3.) Eat the candy your roommate’s significant other bought for them:

Trust us, they’re so busy going at it in your room that they won’t even notice. Try to avoid the fruity ones.

2.) Have a dance party with friends:

Blast your favorite tunes with some of your favorite people and have that pillow fight that guys always think we happen to have. You can even share some of your Insomnia if you’re feeling generous. These are always some of the best nights.

1.) Cry yourself to sleep:

After a long day of self-loathing, this is the best way to go. Snuggle your wine bottle and let it all out, girl.


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