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5 Best Places at BU to Have a Complete Breakdown



It’s that time of the semester where everything has gone to hell. The chances of getting an A in any of our classes seems like a distant memory. There are many projects and papers with looming due dates. Even though we had all semester, we definitely procrastinated way too much. So where is the best place to have a mental breakdown on campus? We’re seasoned with our mental breakdowns here at The Black Sheep so we’ve compiled a list of the best spots on campus to just let it all out.

5.) The Lecture Hall Maze:

For those of you who don’t know, this is basically the tunnel maze that links all of the lecture halls together underground. Nobody really uses them, so feel free to just find a spot and let it all out. There’s even benches around for you to do a dramatic Disney cry. However, don’t do it right outside of the lecture hall door. Then a professor may come and it’s just a mess.

4.) A Pile of Snow:

The weather may be nice, but there are still piles of snow laying around campus. Just dig yourself under a nice pile and start screaming. People will probably just think it’s a squirrel dying.

3.) An Elevator:

Just find an elevator that people don’t really use. Enter the elevator, hit the emergency stop button and just go to town yelling about the psych exam you failed. Nobody will probably hear you. However, we don’t recommend doing this if you have a fear of elevators. Also, don’t take an elevator that shows what level it is on. Then people will be suspicious.

2.) Study Room:

Luckily, there are a lot of study rooms on campus that you can book. And there’s nothing wrong with booking a whole room to yourself just to pace back and forth mumbling about how you’ll never graduate. Just make sure that your mental breakdown takes place in the time you have it reserved for. You really don’t want the group after you walking in on you. That’s just uncomfortable for you.

1.) Gender Neutral Bathroom:

Gender Neutral Bathrooms are great. They allow people who do not conform to gender a place to pee without feeling judged. They are also great because they are single stall. So that means you get some privacy. Thus, feel free to have a mental breakdown! I always go to the bathroom to cry because it’s the one place people can’t bother you at. Luckily, these bad boys are located all around campus, so you don’t have to limit your breakdown to one place.

There you have it, the best five places to have a breakdown on campus. If things are rough, you can always go to the counseling center. But hey, at least spring break is soon so you can drink your problems away.


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