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5 Reasons Why Trying to Go Smoke-Free Isn’t Going to Work for BU

Hey BU, we appreciate your efforts to improve the health of our campus’ air, especially for our classmates with respiratory problems, but banning smoking completely is just plain impractical. Here’s a few reasons why:

5.) Some will just screw the rules:

People already don’t listen to the rules that just try to regulate smoking. Seriously, “no smoking inside dorms” should be easy enough to follow, but no, going outside is too much effort for some. Then there are those that want to get their fix while as close to the buildings as possible, even though you’re technically not supposed to smoke within 20 feet of any buildings. If people can’t be bothered to follow mild regulations, then what makes BU think that they’ll adhere to dramatically stricter ones?

4.) It’s stress relief:

It seems like people smoke mainly to calm down from all the stress in their hectic lives…or simply to look cool, who knows. We can’t tell the difference most of the time. At least the former could possibly pass as the school’s fault. Look at it this way: the workload BU hands its students is known to be on the heavy side, and everyone knows that more work equals more stress. So technically, we could blame the stress BU places on everyone for many people deciding to smoke. Admittedly, there are much healthier ways to relieve stress such as exercise, but…isn’t walking up and down hills to get anywhere every day enough of that?

3.) Look what happens with weed:

Smoking weed is already illegal under federal law, yet plenty of people get away with it regularly, especially at CiW, which has even earned the nickname “College in the Weed.” If BU banned smoking on campus altogether, then the tobacco smokers would just take some hints from the potheads and go into hiding deep in the woods late at night, dangers like Slenderman be damned. The trees are such a convenient visual cover that UPD won’t be able to find them even with the smell of their smoking dominating the air.

2.) UPD’s going to have an even rougher time:

UPD appears to have trouble enforcing the regulations on smoking things as it is, judging from the amount of smokers doing their business too close to buildings, the quantity of potheads that feel safe getting high on campus, and the frequency that fire alarms go off because of people burning their popcorn in the microwave. Going completely smoke-free is just going to make the situation worse for them. UPD would become even more thinly spread, stricter on students, and forced to turn attention away from more pressing issues like the killer clowns wandering around campus.

1.) It’ll be like the Prohibition:

Think about it; alcohol is illegal for anyone under 21 due to federal law, and that doesn’t stop anyone from drinking downtown with a false ID or even in their own dorm rooms. The new smoke-free policy is not even at a state level law: it’s a campus policy, so people will likely take it even less seriously than a national one. Smoking will become like a forbidden fruit for anyone that lives on campus, especially those that are far too lazy to leave their rooms for a fix.

Plenty of people here at BU like the idea of banning smoking on campus, but let’s all be real: there’s no way it’s going to truly work. Smoking cigarettes and drugs is just one of those things that lots of college kids do, and enforcing a complete ban would be all but impossible simply because it’s too common. It’s something like outlawing chocolate, except more forgivable since everyone loves chocolate.


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