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5 Things BU Students Think Are Normal But Are Definitely Not


Binghamton prides itself on having a diverse student body. Everybody in their own way makes our campus unique. However, not everything that makes up Binghamton’s culture is normal. Here are 5 things that are normal to BU students, but not to anyone else.

5.) Having a good majority of the school be from Long Island:

It isn’t weird to run across someone who is from Long Island. Most schools are a little more diverse with their in-state student population, but not Binghamton. Finding someone not from Long Island is like finding a needle in a haystack.

4.) We Know What Bearcats Are:

Nobody really knows what a Bearcat is. Except for Binghamton students that is. Is it more bear or more cat? The world may never know. Still, we wear our bearcat merchandise with pride and are happy to answer when non Bing friends ask you what a Bearcat is.

3.) Pantone 342:

People may have no idea what Pantone is, or what the numbers stand for. It is a color swatch that has a special meaning to Bearcats as our school color. If you don’t know this color, then you aren’t a true bearcat.

2.) Making Bartle Your Third Home:

Our dorms may be our home away from home, but Bartle is our home away from home away from home. AKA, it is where we live during finals, midterms, and every stressful assignment in between. Studying in Bartle provides some kind of comfort and torture at the same time. Just make sure to have a cup of Jazzman’s coffee nearby.

1.) The Weather Here is Normal:

Binghamton has the weirdest weather. We can go from having a snow storm to wearing shorts and being in hammocks on the spine. You come to accept that forty degrees is warm. You learn to appreciate the rare days the sun is out since Binghamton is mostly cloudy and gray. Binghamton changes seasons all year long, so make sure you have every type of outfit readily available.

Binghamton is an interesting school. Color swatches and odd animals are our norms and we wouldn’t change a thing.


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