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6 of the Best Comfort Foods at BU for $5 or Less


So it’s finally May and it’s time to do that assignment you’ve pushed off all semester that’s somehow already due tomorrow. Final papers and final exams are eerily haunting you and are no farther than right around the corner. This can only mean three things: 1) You’re stressed as hell, 2) You want nothing more than the comfort of home, 3) You’re just about out of money on your meal plan. No worries at all, Bearcat! We’ve compiled a list of 6 comfort foods on the BU campus that you can get for $5 or less (you’re welcome):

6.) A Bagel:

Honestly, all Binghamton students who reside on Long Island, New York know that nothing can compare to a Long Island bagel. But the thing with bagels is that students (and faculty, of course) find them to be extremely comforting at a time of such hardship and loss (for our GPA’s, that is). Not to fear, for a low price of $0.53 at any dining hall on campus or for just $1.50 at Einstein’s, a BU student can enjoy the happiness with a hole of a hearty bagel (with free cream cheese and butter…who doesn’t like free?). Hole-y moly!

5.) NY- Style Pizza:

We aren’t even going to go there by comparing this to Long Island Pizza, but Hinman dining hall does offer a great alternative when you’re drowning in homework and tears, and for such a great price too. For just $0.83, you can shove your face with Buffalo Chicken Pizza and keep every ounce of that dignity as you submit your paper a week late to Turnitin. Out of all of the iffy choices you’ve made today, at least it’s safe to say that picking a decent meal for a decent price isn’t one of them. That in itself should earn you an A on any paper.

4.) Chicken Fingers:

What happens when it’s 2 a.m. and the motivation to study that you once (sorta) had is out the door? What happens when you’re so bored that you’re suddenly hungry but a poor college kid all at once? No worries, C4 has got your back. Open until 3 a.m., you can go to C4 and get yourself some awesome chicken fingers for as little as $1.85! The comfort of some crunchy chicken fingers paired with a loss of sanity over school work go quite well together, all for a price your meal plan can actually afford. Who cares if you only have $5 left to spend? You’ll be immediately comforted by this classic meal and a lot less stressed out(hopefully).

3.) Hearty Tomato Soup:

Any BU student knows that the only thing worse than an empty wallet is being sick while at school without your mom by your side. The good thing about BU dining halls is that each of them serve soup daily, and for a price your mom would agree with! Tomato soup specifically costs only $0.27 and is bound to make any student feel the comfort of being at home with Mom. Although, no one’s cooking can compare to hers, of course.

2.) Mac & Cheese:

Sometimes, you want something a little more than just Kraft Mac & Cheese when you’re feeling stressed out and in need of some good ole comfort food. Luckily for a Bearcat, College in the Woods has some of the best homemade Mac & Cheese available daily for your consumption and your overall happiness. For less than $5, you can buy yourself happiness in a cup from the convenient CIW dining hall location and get back on track studying. Or watching Netflix. We don’t judge.

1.) Frozen Yogurt:

Sure Ben & Jerry’s is a duo you don’t want to do without, but for even less money you can enjoy a guilt free comfort food that everyone is sure to love (with toppings of course). At Appalachian’s Nite Owl, you can order a frozen yogurt, ice cream or a smoothie all for five dollars and less! When you’re crying into your textbook in the late hours of the night, get yourself some frozen yogurt to cry into instead for a price your meal plan also would not mind. Skip the Ben & Jerry’s overpriced pint and get some frozen yogurt for the same great taste when all of your dignity has left you. This is the one (and only) choice this semester you absolutely will not regret.

Whether you’re feeling salty chicken fingers or sweet frozen yogurt, Binghamton University is filled with delicious comfort food options all for a steal of five dollars or less all around campus. When finals week is getting you down in the dumps and all you want is mom’s home cooked meals, don’t fret, BU has got your back. Now go get yourself some pizza and get back to work!

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