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6 Reasons People Think BU Is An Ugly Campus

Apparently the Princeton Review called BU the 8th Least Beautiful Campus of last year. Isn’t that insulting? We’re not saying we totally agree, but we’ll concede that there are some things here that justify their opinion:

6.) Lecture Hall Underground Complex:

This one’s not as public as the others, but it’s a real sore sight. With all the exposed pipelines and the overall pseudo-spooky atmosphere in disrepair, it’s clear that it’s just supposed to be a maze for custodial folks to pass through. However, students wander through just as often, so BU should fix it up.

5.) The Engineering Building:

This school’s engineering building sure stands out a lot compared to the other buildings around it. Not in a good way, though. It’s such an awkwardly placed slab of cold concrete to the point where there’s a rumor that the blueprint for it was accidentally switched with the one for the University at Buffalo.

4.) The Hinman Field:

This patch of land is just all around unappealing considering how visible it is. We get that Co-Rec is an intense (if not strange) sport thing, but geez, does it leave the poor field looking like a muddy wasteland. It’s also left completely uneven thanks to all the footprints, so walking across it feels vaguely like slimy sandpaper.

3.) The Library Tower:

This damn thing blocks the otherwise great view of the mountain landscape from places like Hillside and Mountainview. Sure, it’s a useful landmark for finding BU’s campus when you’re lost and looking for it, but otherwise, it just functions as a cock block for landscape views.

2.) Construction Everywhere:

This stuff’s never pretty anywhere; that’s why everybody puts those “sorry for how we currently look” signs on the wall of an area they’ve closed off to improve. BU is full of construction because they want to expand and attract new naïve Bearcats, but they’re rather unapologetic about it, making it uglier because that’s our money going into it.

1.) The Weather:

Mother Nature is really spiteful to Bing and everyone can tell. Besides the awful inconsistencies with temperatures and precipitation, the skies are almost constantly gray, which makes everything look even more dull than usual. It tends to reflect poorly when anyone tries taking pictures in the area.

Don’t worry, we still think BU’s a pretty campus…It’s just not that aesthetically great. At least the Princeton Review didn’t call us the absolute most ugly campus of the year.


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