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6 Things to Make A Sh***y Day at BU Slightly Better

So that test that you (hardly) studied for didn’t go as well as you had planned, you forgot to call your mom and now you’re drowning in homework assignments that were due yesterday. Need an escape? Luckily, we found 6 things around the BU campus that can make any shitty day even the slightest bit better:

6.) The Pegasus:


The Pegasus Statue, located in the Spine, was a gift given to the University in 1985 and is a symbol used to represent the university. This statue, clearly depicting an actual pegasus, is somewhere to go to and relax when your day just isn’t going right. Who wouldn’t want to sit on these stairs and admire an object so highly regarded? Bring your boatloads of homework and come to the Pegasus to cry a little less with a stellar view.

5.) The Water Fountain:


This overflowing, luxurious fountain is also conveniently located on the spine, directly behind the Pegasus Statue, and is also a wonderful place to brighten even the dampest of days. Don’t let a bad test grade (or two) rain on your parade when you can be cherishing all that this fountain has to offer you, including a place to sit and listen to music (and get your butt a bit damp) or throw a penny and make a wish. Wishing for better grades never hurt anybody, right?

4.) The Nature Preserve:


When your day isn’t going as well as planned and you’re lucky enough to catch some sunshine and warm weather in Binghamton (ha), take a stroll on down to the Nature Preserve. A great place to clear your mind and get lost (literally), the Nature Preserve has many trails for running, hiking and forgetting all of the unfinished work you left behind in your room. One can also find a countless amount of deer roaming around as well as places to sit by the water and contemplate what Netflix show they are going to lose themselves in next. Sounds a lot less sh***y to us already.

3.) The Clock Tower:

clock tower.jpg

Contrary to popular belief, Binghamton University’s clock tower does not sound every hour, yet it is actually Bartle that rings the monotonous yet familiar noise reminding students that all but an hour of their awful day has passed them by. When a day has turned sour and all you want to do is cry into your Ben & Jerry’s, hours seem like days and they tend to pass you by in what seems to be slow motion. Luckily enough, this clock tower does not remind us every hour of the hardships of the day, and instead serves as an aesthetically pleasing landmark on campus to take pictures of for your grandmother to see. This, in fact, can make both your grandma’s day, as well as your own, day, that much better. It’s a win-win.

2.) The Ledge Behind C4:


This little ledge located behind C4 is perfect on a dreary day because one can come here and make of it whatever they please. Seriously, we are not sure why this is here. But students can get creative with it, as Bearcats are known to be quite innovative. From sun-bathing to studying, this ledge can take the edge off any kind of day with a little sunshine (again, ha) and a lot of imagination. Dream big.

1.) Dogs On Campus:


There is nothing that could bring a BU student more joy on a rough day (or any day) than seeing the beautiful creatures we call dogs gracing the presence of our very own campus. Whether they’re therapy dogs, dogs of locals or anything in between, these four-legged goddesses can make any day better with just a simple wag of the tail. Didn’t get any sleep last night? Pet a dog. Lost all motivation to do school work? Pet a dog. Maintaining that 4.0 GPA you told your mom about? Pet a dog. What did us BU students do to get so lucky with dogs on our campus?

Whether you’re looking to get a good workout in while hiking up in the Nature Preserve or looking to relieve stress through the therapeutic powers of petting a dog, BU’s campus has a ton to offer to make any sh***y day a little less sh***y. Turn that frown upside down and look for the positivity that surrounds you all throughout campus. You’ll forget about your debt and crumbling GPA in no time.



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