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Top 6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Spring Fling

As April comes to a close and the sun comes out for the second (and most likely last) time this semester, Binghamton students everywhere are beginning to get excited for the eventful Spring Fling. Every year, students line the spine and the field in front of the union to enjoy the nicest day of the year before the pre-finals meltdowns and stress sets in. If you’re anything like us, you’d want to use these helpful tips to prepare yourself to enjoy your last day of freedom:

6.) Listen to a bunch of Mac Miller and Ty Dolla Sign songs:

Every year, Binghamton manages to corral a few musicians and have them perform at an on campus concert students will never forget (or hardly remember). This year, Mac Miller and Ty Dolla Sign agreed to come perform somehow, so use this as an excuse to blast their powerful, insightful tunes in the shower at 2 a.m. and get yourself pumped to be squeezed into the back row of a concert next to the kid who always throws up on the bus. It’s something you really don’t want to miss.

5.) Get a bunch of sleep:

Spring Fling is an all day event, starting from the wee hours of the morning (is 12 p.m. still the morning?), until as late as 3 a.m. when all of the downtown activities start to close so a lot of sleep the night before is recommended. You have a final paper due Monday? Prioritize like the good student you are. You know how important a good night of sleep is before such a busy day! Your paper will be there Sunday morning (and afternoon when you’ll probably wake up).

4.) Buy a big, reusable bottle and/or paper cup:

On Spring Fling, Bearcats tend to get really thirsty for the entire day for some reason. Maybe it’s because we aren’t used to seeing the sun so we have to stay hydrated, or maybe because so much excitement calls for an exciting, tasty beverage to go along with it. Get yourself a reusable bottle from Walmart with a fancy color so only you’ll be able to see the juice that you, a good and healthy student, put in there. Or you can even get a big paper cup from any dining hall, along with a cover and a straw free of charge. You’ll stay hydrated and very, very happy all day.  How convenient!

3.) Come early:

The university really goes all out on this day of the year with inflatable slides and games to participate in on the spine and on the field outside of the Union. If your inner child is excited to get their stress out with some outdoor fun, get outside early to avoid long lines and waiting to enjoy all that’s in store for you. Nothing says spring fling like partying on campus with carnival food and fun. This is certainly the best time of the year to get out of bed before noon. It’s so worth it!

2.) Dress cute and casually:

Again, Spring Fling always happens to fall on one of the (only) nicest days of the semester, so this is your chance to wear that dress or those shorts that have been hiding behind your winter coat and jeans all semester long. Plus, the warm and friendly campus atmosphere makes this day a great one for photo ops with your friends or by yourself if you’re really feelin’ that new spring outfit you’ve been dying to wear. Don’t forget your sandals (without socks pls)!

1.) Come hungry, leave happy:

Of course on a day like Spring Fling especially, any Bearcat should eat a fulfilling and nutritious breakfast before attending to all the festivities of the day. Although this is true, there are so many carnival themed foods on the spine that you’re going to want to wait in line to enjoy, such as fried dough and cotton candy, that will fill you up and forget all about that salad in your refrigerator. This is also the day to connect more with fellow Bearcats and show school pride with some stress-relieving fun before all of your time is consumed with finals and end of the year business. Enjoy. Every. Second.

Whether you’re coming to Spring Fling for the awesome rides or for a chance to wear that sundress in the back of your closet, these tips are ultimately going to help you prepare to have the time of your life all throughout the day. Forget about finals and all of the end of the year jitters, Bearcat, you deserve a chance to relax with some fun in the sun! Don’t forget your sunscreen.


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