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7 of the Best Places to Procrastinate Studying at Binghamton University

Any Binghamton University student knows that if they think they don’t have any work to do, they’re most likely lying to themselves. With midterms, essays, and other assignments thrown at you left and right, it gets hard to even remember your own name sometimes (which, yes, they will take points off for). Looking to run away from your problems like the young adult that you are? These are 7 of our campus’s best places to avoid all responsibilities and procrastinate that paper that’s due tomorrow:

7.) C4 Dining Hall:

Luckily for us BU students, C4 is open until 3 a.m., and is usually the dining hall to remain open even in hazardous weather conditions (thank you, brave Sodexo workers). You finished the introduction of that paper by noon and you’re looking for a snack? Go to C4! You can’t get through the first body paragraph without falling asleep? Get coffee from C4! It’s already 2 a.m. and you’ve only written two more sentences? Reward yourself with mozzarella sticks from C4! They don’t call it “brain food” for nothing.

6.) The Snow:

Binghamton is known for its brutal winters, and even moreso known to not cancel classes even when students are up to their waists in snow (as well as homework). Luckily for us, this year Binghamton cancelled all classes for a day due to a blizzard, leaving students with more time than ever to procrastinate studying and to not get around to that paper that they finally had time to write. An easy way to avoid it all? Hide out in the snow. How will you possibly write that paper with frozen hands (and upper body?)

5.) Pandini’s In the Marketplace:

The closest thing to Italian food on campus is Pandini’s in the marketplace. If you’re looking for a personal pizza and a side of procrastination, wait on line at Pandini’s. You obviously will not mind the wait though, being that it’ll give you more time to think about your next meal and to not think about your 8 a.m. test tomorrow. You deserve that pizza.

4.) The Bus Line:

You’re in the middle of that paper, finally, when suddenly you remember that you never got around to buying more paper cups for your room. What do you do? Go to Walmart. You don’t technically need the paper cups right now, being that the dining hall is only a few feet from your room. But the bus line to get to Walmart or anywhere else in town will take a great deal of time longer than it will to go to the dining hall, so you must go. Any BU student knows that one of the smartest ways to waste time is to wait on the unnecessarily long bus line to go somewhere you don’t need to be to spend money on something you certainly don’t need.

3.) The East Gym:

Did you finally decide to keep your New Year’s Resolution and shed the “baby fat” you’ve been carrying for twenty years? Nope. But the walk to the East Gym is a workout in itself, and is certainly a decent distance away from wherever you happen to be on campus (including Newing-have you seen that flight of stairs?). Get your workout gear on and get yourself to the East Gym. You’ll waste at least forty minutes including the trip there and back and will look incredible in the process.

2.) The Mail Room Underground in the Marketplace:


Ah, yet another long line to pick up that package that you were oh-so-surprised with. Just kidding, you ordered yourself something *else* from Amazon because you’ve lost all kinds of self control. That is a-okay in the realm of procrastination, since that line will help you avoid the unnecessary stress that comes along with writing a paper, and that gift you’re waiting to receive will increase your mood significantly. Maybe it’ll even encourage you to be productive (or maybe not). Either way, treat yo’self.

1.) Go to Sleep:

After a long, hard day of completing the arduous task that we call procrastination–it’s enough to wear anyone out. Besides, we BU students need a full 8 hours (or more) of sleep to keep up with the strenuous demands of being a student at the Public Ivy. Sleep well, Bearcat. You’ll do that damn paper tomorrow (possibly).

Whether you’re taking a stroll down to the East Gym or waiting for your Labretti at Pandini’s, any Binghamton Student knows exactly how and where on campus to go to procrastinate to the best of their abilities. Sometimes, we even procrastinate procrastinating. But at the end of the day, at least we can say we did something right and gave ourselves a well deserved break (eh, we’ll say it tomorrow).


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