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7 Things You Fool Yourself Into Believing About Binghamton


Ah, Binghamton. The school we love that finally gave us a snow day. However, Binghamton is far from perfect. So we kind of fill in the gaps to make Binghamton the school we know and love. Here are 7 things we’ve all fooled ourselves into believing about Binghamton.

7.) We’re an Ivy:

Binghamton is known as the “public ivy” aka Ivy League rejects. We like to think that we have what it takes for the Ivy’s, but we chose Binghamton because we can’t afford the Ivy League price tag. Either way, saying Binghamton is the public ivy just makes ourselves feel better that we aren’t an hour away at Cornell.

6.) Sodexo is Good:

Look, Sodexo food is pretty awful. However, for most students, it is our only access to a lukewarm meal. There are Instagram’s dedicated to how good the food at Bing is. In reality, Sodexo isn’t the best and usually makes us bond with our toilets. At least the employees are pretty awesome.

5.) The Weather Isn’t That Bad:

Even our writers from California have convinced themselves that thirty degrees is warm. You have to have the mindset that Binghamton weather isn’t that cold. When in reality, if it were 30 degrees anywhere remotely nice we would refuse to leave the house and stay in a blanket fort all day.

4.) We Have Great Sports Teams:

Binghamton’s football team has been undefeated since 1946, so clearly we are the best sports school out there. The bookstore even sells shirts bragging how good our football team is. We sometimes win events, but we aren’t known for being great at sports. So hold onto the fact that our nonexistent football team reigns supreme.

3.) The Buses Are Easy to Use:

We reassure ourselves that leaving our cars at home was a great idea because the bus system here is amazing! OCCT, is pretty great. However, trying to squeeze your way onto the Walmart bus at 3:30 p.m. on a Thursday you thought would be empty is not as fun. Getting on the bus is The Hunger Games. But hey, at least you don’t have to pay for a parking pass.

2.) The Apartments on Campus Are Better Than Off:

Living on the apartments on campus is great. You get the freedom of having your own apartment with the “convenience” of being on campus. You’re not at all bitter that you don’t have a free gym, flat screen TVs, up to date appliances, or a game room. We lied, that all sounds amazing. Maybe next year?

1.) Binghamton is the Best College:

Alright, no fooling yourself here. Binghamton is the best school and you wouldn’t change going here for the world.


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