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8 Ways to Still Celebrate Parade Day at BU

As early march rolls around, Binghamton students are coming out from beneath the shadows and underneath their textbooks at Bartle to get their Parade on. Students from far and wide come to Binghamton to take part in the legendary parade that makes State Street look as though someone threw up a more vibrant version of Binghamton green. Binghamton’s closure of residence halls during Parade Day to avoid anything vomit-related downtown stands nothing against us Bearcats of the Public Ivy. Here are 8 ways to slyly get to celebrate Parade Day anyways at BU:

8.) Infiltrate Your Sister’s Apartment at UP With Some of Your Closest Pals:

She won’t mind a little extra company , right? Besides, you’ve lived your whole life under the same roof until now, and those apartments aren’t stingy on extra living space. Don’t be a stranger!

7.) Purchase a Hotel Room Anywhere on Vestal Parkway:

…That is, if you can afford one. Dig those pennies out from the bottom of your piggy bank and crowd a group of friends into any hotel room not taken by families looking to take their tenth tour of the university. Don’t worry, sleeping in the bathtub is not looked down upon.

6.) Campout in the Nature Preserve:

Oh deer! At this point, any student is used to sharing campus space with a few of those friendly creatures. One night will seem like nothing! Besides, the frigid Binghamton weather doesn’t stand a chance against a throw blanket and a shot of your favorite drink (or ten).

5.) Hangout Underground in the Marketplace and Make T-shirts at Late Nite Bing:

Utilize those arts and crafts materials that have been down there since who knows when and make the best t-shirt Parade Day has and will ever come to see. Creativity is key, and we know you don’t attend this school based off of your good looks alone.

4.) Pretend as Though You’re Part of the Parade:

They sell kilts on Amazon, right ?

3.) Dress up as Baxter the Bearcat and Make Your Way Down to State Street:

Look at the bright side: you’ll be warm without a doubt and there will be plenty of room to stash some water bottles filled with your favorite drinks in all corners of that costume. You’ll fit right in!

2.) Take Your Studious Self to the Top Floor of Bartle and Hideout with Some Good Books:

Who actually makes their way to the fifteenth floor of the library at Binghamton University ? Besides, no one will mind you doing your statistics homework so far in advance, or whipping that bottle out from your backpack. Good luck with all that homework, bearcat!

1.) Go Home:

Let’s face it. Nothing beats Mom’s home-cooked lasagna and the excitement of your dogs upon your arrival home. Take a shot on the bus ride back and it’ll be like you had never left. Anyways, who wouldn’t want to enjoy warmer weather and studying for all the midterms you still have in a homey environment?

These are just a few of the many ways a Bearcat can still enjoy the unique happenings of Parade Day without having a dorm room to stay in! Happy celebrating!


WATCH: We made Malort cupcakes. They are bad.



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