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Top 6 Benefits of Living in BU Dorms

Every freshman has to live in a campus dorm, presumably because the administration wants to milk as much of our money as they can. As much as we like to go on about how awful dorming is, there’s actually some useful things about them. Case in point being:

6.) Location:

Sadly, the main point of college is to go to classes and die from all the work and tests. It’s relatively easy to get from your room to classrooms and libraries like Bartle when you’re in a dorm because you can get there on foot. There’s also the added plus of not having to deal with the obnoxiousness of OCCT and city buses. Those guys seem to eternally struggle with keeping up with their schedule.

5.) Getting High:

Technically, it’s illegal to smoke weed, especially inside of or near buildings, but as anyone on BU can tell you, no one seems to care. People from every dorm community on campus smell it invading their rooms at some point. The RAs don’t seem to enforce the rule too hard…as long as no one else seems to complain about it. Or you could just walk to CiW’s forests for some cover.

4.) There’s Always People to Hang With:

You may not feel any motivation to leave your room or building and interact with the cruel campus world. That’s okay, because when you’re in a dorm, there’s a bunch of people feeling the exact same brand of social laziness. This is how many freshmen make their first friends at college with their roommates and floormates. Freshmen are particularly prone to this before clubs and stuff come up.

3.) Not Having to Clean Your Own Bathroom:

Bathrooms are gross. That’s doubly true if you have to share them with frat boys or sorority girls that party all night and puke in the sink when they get too drunk. Why should you have to clean up after their stupid asses? Fortunately, the school has staff that’ll clean your bathroom on a regular schedule so you don’t have to deal with that crap. Just watch your toilet paper and soap.

2.) No Daily Parking Struggle:

BU has been expanding both its buildings and student enrollment, but it’s utterly neglected the all important task of creating more parking space to accommodate for all the extra people. So everyone has to fight for the increasingly scant prize of a decent place to leave your car every day. If you actually live on campus, you get to spend less time per day scrambling for parking.

1.) No Monthly Bills:

10K a semester is a hefty price that leaves many crippled with debt after graduating, not to mention all the extra costs that out of state students are saddled with. On the bright side, it’s an upfront cost, so once you manage to gather all that money somehow, you don’t have to worry about monthly housing and utility bills. You also get all of the campus’ services, however helpful those may or may not be.

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