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What Your Binghamton Dorm Says About You

Binghamton has many options for housing. You get to pay $10,000 to basically live in an oversized closet. Yay! Each community boasts why they’re the best on campus with their own traditions, style, and different subjects so they can say they are a “living learning community,” when in reality, nobody cares. Each dorm draws their own groups of special snowflakes. Here are the stereotypes of the people living in each dorm:



Newing is one of the newer dorms on campus. The majority of Newing residents are in Greek Life. Delaware is international housing, so walking by, you’ll always get a nice puff of smoke from the foreign students smoking EVERYWHERE near the building. The taste of secondhand smoke really warms your throat in the winter.

The other buildings consist of frat guys and girls. So you get to hear them be loud all the time! It really is fun, especially when the hall is blocked by the frat students standing in the hallway while UPD busts their room for alcohol.



Dickinson is the newest building on campus, so of course all of the Long Islanders flock to it. After all, the Long Islanders deserve the best. Dickinson is the most expensive, so you get all of those rich students who complain about how they are “broke college students.” You have a Northface jacket, Uggs, and some designer purse from daddy. Stop complaining.



CIW is home of the stoners. Walk anywhere in CIW, and the smell of weed lingers in the air. CIW is in the woods, so stoners have easy access to a safe weed space. But let’s face it, Binghamton is always cold. So, smoking inside is more common. Honestly, nobody cares CIW.



Let’s face it; that hill to get up to Mountainview is brutal. Take the shuttle up there, and you will get dirty looks from the students living in the apartments. People who live in Mountainview don’t need to go the gym, but in Mountainview, every day is leg day! Just have fun climbing up the mountain in the snow.



Hinman is the most random community on campus. You either got screwed in housing or are too lazy to walk to class. Hinman is where you will find people with the most community pride (because they are stuck in this dying building together). Basically to live in Hinman, you need to be overly enthusiastic about the little things.

The Apartments:


The Apartments consist of Susquehanna and Hillside. Susquehanna is 24 hour quiet hours, so you know it never gets lit there. Hillside is way up the hill and houses all the antisocial people who want to feel like adults. People in Hillside and Susquehanna are too cool for dorms, but not cool enough to go off campus.

Each of the communities are special in their own way. Housing sign-ups are this month, so choose the living community that best relates to you. There is nothing better than living in a cramped room with your loud Long Island roommate, knowing that this room costs you thousands of dollars. Ah, the college experience.     

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