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BU Students Petition Against Parade Day Break

This year, after listening to complaints that we needed a break before spring break, the administration gifted us with a five-day weekend.

However, that weekend just happens to land during Parade Day. Coincidence? WE THINK NOT.

Students who live on campus are upset that they won’t be able to get drunk at 9 a.m., leading some students to go as far to create a petition on

The student who started the petition remained anonymous, but rumors swirl it was just a frat brother profiting off Parade Day t-shirts.

The petition begins by saying how essential Parade Day is to the University and community:

“Parade Day is an essential part of our identity as a University and as a community. By closing campus on the weekend of Parade Day you are forcing the majority of the student body to leave the area, effectively destroying one of the biggest unifying activities that our University has.”

The petition goes on to directly address Stenger:

“President Stenger, with all [due] respect we as a student body strongly protest you closing campus during the weekend of 3/3/17-3/5/17, and hereby request that you allow students the choice to decide how and what they do with their personal lives.”

The petition reached 77 out of the 100 needed signatures. However, the break is still going on.

Students determined to get shit faced have decided to move forward with their own Parade Day (can it be called Parade Day if there is no parade?)

There is an event on Facebook called “New Parade Day”

The description reads:

“March 4th, 2017. Parade Day is finally here. The streets are dimly lit, shaded by clouds on a dreary, cold morning. A few upperclassmen are seen standing on state street, surrounded by a sea of townies. All underclassmen have ventured home, and most remaining Binghamton University students have followed suit, fuming at the fact that they will not be able to dress in green and celebrate Irish heritage this year.

“How bout we take (parade day), and push it somewhere else?” -Patrick Star circa 2008”

Patrick Star has a point and students everywhere will rally against the administration and continue to get drunk at 8 a.m. and wear green. At least we are spirited.

Like it or not, Parade Day is happening. If only students can be this passionate about other things, like uhh, global warming…or passing classes.


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