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Chick-N-Bap to Start Serving Teacup-Sized Portions

Chick-N-Bap hasn’t been at BU for long, but it has already gained quite a reputation. At first, all was well and the huge lines for Chick-N-Bap in the Marketplace blocked everyone’s way to the stairs, but then their serving sizes started to shrink while prices remained the same.

“It’s ridiculous! I used to go to Chick-N-Bap for a full meal, but now I go order the same thing I always have and I’m still just as hungry after I eat the whole thing of it! It hasn’t gotten any cheaper either,” said sophomore Tom Erindton.

The actual proportions of the food in students’ orders have also been evaluated.

“There’s barely even any meat anymore. Now it’s just a few tiny pieces at best drowned in a sea of a comparably huge portion of rice and some vegetables sprinkled on…Everyone knows that the meat is the most filling part of a meal, so together with the basically teacup-sized portions, of course people are going to still be hungry,” senior Ann Holl observed.

Other students commented on Chick-N-Bap’s other failings.

“The tiny portions aside, wasn’t there also some scandal with Chick-N-Bap, like the lamb was actually beef or something along those lines?” Freshman Lori Briggs asked with an eyebrow raised. “That sort of trickery is more obnoxious than frat boys partying next door at 3 a.m. The school should close it down and replace it with something better…like McDonald’s.”

Junior Erin Wallis also mentioned its second location on campus. “Despite all of the messes surrounding it recently, BU went and rewarded Chick-N-Bap with a CiW location for Night Owl…that’s worse than the one in the Marketplace. Seriously, that menu’s a sad imitation of the actual one.”

Some students defended Chick-N-Bap’s continuing presence on campus.

“Come on, Chick-N-Bap shouldn’t be closed entirely,” groaned sophomore Carl Schulman. “It’s just that one asshat employee causing all the trouble there and cheating everyone out of the full amount they paid for. I forget his name, but I firmly believe that he should be fired for incompetence.”

Overall, Chick-N-Bap will likely continue to operate on BU with mixed feelings from the students.

Senior Rachel Marriaco scratched her head, “I can complain about them all I want, but I know I’ll just end up crawling back to them for some more beef with white rice and green sauce. Even if they’re totally gypping me on serving sizes, it’s just so good!”


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