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That’s So BU: 11 Things That Only Happen at Binghamton


“It’s the Bearcat I can see!” But actually though, we as students see that animal way more than we’d ever like to in a lifetime. As interesting as it is, the Bearcat isn’t the only thing at Binghamton that’ll make some heads turn. There are just some things that go on in Binghamton that’ll make any of us students say “That’s so BU”:

11.) (Not) Enjoying A Football Game With Friends:

Here at Binghamton University, our football team is commonly referred to as “Undefeated Since 1946.” Sounds impressive, right? Any fellow student will know that no Division One football team even exists here, and that all of your dad’s hopes and dreams of you becoming the star quarterback are now pushed out the window.

10.) Never-Ending Bus Lines:

Don’t even attempt to get that one thing from Walmart between classes. Or expect to get downtown during the first round of buses that appear on a Saturday night. You’ll be waiting there for so long you’ll wish you never bought that damn crop top.

9.) That One Week of Nice Weather:

Our best wishes are with you if you forget your winter coat upon coming back to Binghamton at the start of a semester. Any of them. As a student you come to expect to see the sun for one mere week out of the however many that you’re here for, if you’re lucky.

8.) Tour Groups. Tour Groups Everywhere:

Sure, it’s wonderful to see so many prospective students and their families eagerly attempting to make their way down the Spine. It becomes not-so-wonderful as you pass through ten on your Walk-of-Shame back to your dorm on the other side of campus.

7.) Nite Owl at C4 Open Until 3 a.m.:

Because we all know how much mozzarella sticks are appreciated at 2 a.m. after an eventful night on State Street. Eat your heart out.

6.) Parade Day (or not):

Everyone’s favorite excuse to dress in a much more vibrant version of Binghamton green and head downtown as early in the day as possible cannot be undone. Friends from all over come to Binghamton for the biggest (and only) St. Patrick’s Day celebration we’ll ever have in our lives! Who would want to miss (throwing up at) the legendary parade?

5.) That One Employee from Tully’s:

If you’re ever looking for a nice greeting to make your stressful day better, head on over to the Marketplace for some chicken tenders and a warm shout. We Bearcats have never before experienced being asked how we’re doin’ in such an enthusiastic manner quite like this one.

4.) Failed Attempts to Print at Bartle:

When you have a paper due at 10 a.m., but you’ve exhausted your amount of accepted tardiness, it’s time to make a choice. Try not to kill the group that just cut in front of you.

3.) Townies Begging for Spare Change:

If you’re from New York City and you think you’ve gotten away from getting harrassed into fishing the change out from the bottom of your bag, think again. Who knows if they’re pregnant or not, but townies do seem to know the time of the night when drunk kids roam the streets.

2.) Sodexo Workers:

We Bearcats have never appreciated someone more than the Sodexo Worker ringing up our much-needed-FroYo-midnight-snack at Appalachian’s C-Store. Thank you for seeing us at our best moments and selling us food when we need it the most.

1.) That 8:30 a.m. is Cancelled and Nothing Else:

Sure, there might be a “few” feet of snow on the ground, and the walkways aren’t completely ready to be walked on, but that sure doesn’t stop classes from taking place! A snow day in Binghamton will happen when pigs fly. Make sure you’ve packed your snow boots.

We Bearcats have, or are bound to, experience each of these things that make the Binghamton experience so unique. So always remember that winter coat and find interest in a new sport right away, and soon you’ll be saying “That’s so BU,” too!



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