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5 Reasons that Prove Binghamton is Superior to UAlbany

The Binghamton and UAlbany rivalry is pretty huge. Basically everyone at Binghamton thinks they are far superior to UAlbany. Go on Yik Yak and guaranteed someone is bashing the inferior SUNY and rightly so. So why is Binghamton better than UAlbany?

5.) Baxter Always Wins SUNY Mascot Madness:

When it comes to the mascot faceoff in March, Baxter is always the supreme. Out of the four years of the competition, Baxter has won twice. Do you know how many times UAlbany won? Zero. Baxter the Bearcat could beat the great danes ass any day.

4.) We’re Smarter:

Everyone knows Binghamton is the hardest SUNY to get into. Come on, we’re the public ivy. The latest statistics show that our average SAT score was a 1300! UAlbany was 1100. Let’s be real UAlbany. You’re the SUNY backup school. Speaking of applications…

3.) Binghamton Has Better Rejects:

There are probably two reasons you go to Binghamton. 1) You are from Long Island or 2) You got rejected from Cornell. If you go to UAlbany, chances are you got rejected from Binghamton and every other SUNY because why else would you end up there? At least we’re ivy league rejects. UAlbany is full of public ivy rejects.

2.) Our Campus is Greener:

UAlbany is fifty shades of grey, and not even the good kind. Binghamton has a gorgeous nature preserve. Even when the snow falls and everything is dead, Binghamton is still more beautiful.

1.) And Most Importantly… We Make More Money:

The only reason anyone puts up with four years of college classes is to make bank after graduation. According to, Binghamton graduates make $4000 more a year than Albany graduates. 

Overall, UAlbany will never be at Binghamton’s level. No matter how hard they try, they will never succeed. After all, Binghamton’s football team has been undefeated since 1942. Beat that UAlbany.


If you’re saying you’ve never experienced DADs, well, you’re lying:


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