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5 Pickup Lines That Will Only Work on Bearcats

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Chances are, you are horribly single. But have no fear, The Black Sheep is here to help you lock down a lover before the big day. Check out this list of pick-up lines that are guaranteed to work every time (don’t hold us to it though), might just be your shitty delivery on it?

5.) “Hey Girl, are you a cup of Jazzman’s coffee, because you’re hot AF.”:

Impress the most basic girl in your life by showing off your knowledge of Jazzman’s AND coffee. The perfect lead-in to setting up a coffee date, or getting that coffee to go and heatin’ things up in other ways if ya know what we mean…

4.) “Hey Girl, are you Binghamton Spring? Because I want you to come already.”:

Show her you really care about her in every way. Also if Binghamton puns won’t woo her, you probably shouldn’t waste your time with her anyways. 

3.) “Hey Girl, are you Bartle? Because I could stay in you all night long.”:

We don’t recommend using this as a first time pick up line because the person you are trying to woo may be slightly creeped out. Use it for your friend with benefits instead when you’re trying to get them to come over ASAP.

2.) “What’s the difference between me and the Rat? I’m longer and more enjoyable.”:

Our sources indicate that this line has never failed. 😉

1.) “Hey Girl are you from Long Island, because I can tell.”:

Show her that you know her culture and where she is from. She’ll feel all special inside and know you’re just the right amount of attentive. 

These pick up lines will let you meet your soulmate. Or not. Either way, if you’re already single for Valentine’s Day it can’t hurt to at least give one a try!

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