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Definitive Ranking of the Specialty Food From Each Dining Hall at BU


All BU students get to know what kinds of foods are in each dining hall almost immediately after moving onto campus, including which to avoid if they ever want to see their families again and which are always a go-to option. Luckily, we did our research and found some of the best foods to get from each dining hall on campus (you’re welcome). No, you will not ever be able to get a slice of Long Island Pizza from anywhere near campus, but these choices can be pretty good substitutes in the meantime:

4.) C4: Egg Sandwiches from the Grill:

Not to burst any bubbles, but no egg sandwich will ever compare to a Long Island egg sandwich. Although, the Grill at C4 makes one that can get you through that rough Saturday morning (or afternoon) if you’re willing to wait on the line. It’s totally worth it though, being that even their burgers and fries can be satisfying as well. The Grill is open for a majority of the day as well and the food is always cooked right in front of you, too, not that your morning-after self really cares.

3.) CIW: Mac & Cheese from the Grill:

Sometimes, Kraft Mac & Cheese just isn’t doing it for ya, and that’s always okay (and better at 2 a.m.). If you’re ever looking for some barbeque style, close-to-homemade mac & cheese, stop off at the Grill in the dining hall in College in the Woods. Maybe Mama gave Sodexo her secret recipe, maybe it’s actually Kraft behind this genius creation, but either way, this is hands down the best place on campus to go to for some quality comfort food. Going through a breakup? Or just really hungry? Get some CIW Mac & Cheese with no strings attached.

2.) Hinman: Starbucks and Subway:

To whoever thought it was a good idea to add a Subway and a Starbucks to the lower level of the Hinman Dining Hall in an attempt to max out our meal plans 2 months into the semester: thank you. Honestly, sometimes after a long day, you just want all the calories of a frapuccino to cheer you up (with whipped cream on top plz), or the familiar taste of a sandwich made with love (without having to step foot off of campus), or both. And we Bearcats can sure as heck get just that.  Not to mention, Hinman is the most convenient spot on campus to get to, being that it’s so close to the Spine compared to other Residential Communities. These tasty additions make this dining hall complete, even if they are costly. Always remember to treat yo’self.

1.) Appalachian: Pasta Bar:

Maybe your Italian mother and grandmother would be disappointed with your choice in pasta and marinara sauce from the jar, but you sure won’t be disappointed in yourself after getting pasta from App’s newly added Pasta Bar. This station gives you a hearty serving of pasta with an array of add-in choices, including proteins, veggies, sauces and all that good stuff. This is just what any BU student needs after a day of being barricaded with work and wishing you were able to eat some comforting, home-cooked food. You won’t be hungry after this meal, and you also won’t be able to move for a while. But hey, this choice in pasta is always worth it.

Whether you’re feeling like ditching Kraft for some decent mac & cheese or in the mood for a cappuccino or frappuccino or whatever comes in between, Binghamton dining halls have got it all in store for you. Who says they can’t enjoy a good meal from the dining hall when you have so many choices in front of you? Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s always worth the trek across campus from wherever you are to find these quality dining options. Eat well, Bearcat.

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