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Top 6 Distractions at BU for When You Already Have Senioritis as a Sophomore


So sophomore year finally rolls around. You aren’t the little fish in the big pond anymore, heck, you’ve been here a whole entire year! As a Bearcat, you know the school like the back of your paw (do Bearcats have paws?), and you know everyone on your floor. You got used to the class styles and have a solid weekend routine going and everything is great, right? Wrong. Sophomore year is all fun and games until you’re almost a junior and questions about grad school and actual future plans are thrown around at the family dinner table. Weren’t we just at college orientation? Here are 6 things to do at Binghamton when symptoms of the dreaded senioritis begin as a sophomore:

6.) Bring 2 cups of coffee to Lecture Hall:

Typical senioritis symptoms include a difficulty attending while in class, especially so when in such a large room in Lecture Hall where cat memes are just as tempting to attend to and easier to view under your desk. Stopping off at the dining hall and bringing not one, but two cups of coffee to Lecture Hall can cure any lack of attentiveness, almost to the point of jumping out of your seat with excitement throughout the entire hour and twenty-five minutes of class. Your teacher, as well as your peers, will all be inspired, if not slightly frightened, by your enthusiasm.

5.) Take a stroll in the Nature Preserve:

At the end of a stressful day, sometimes all a Bearcat needs is a nice view and a really good cry. There’s no better place to let out the stresses of a typical day as a college student than the Nature Preserve. With trails to lose yourself in along with your motivation to do schoolwork, a good cry can be let out to reduce stress levels. Some well-deserved alone time to think and try to put yourself back together with the help of some friendly, woodland creatures (aka the copious amounts of deer) can be enough to get any sophomore back on their feet and putting their all into their classes and activities.

4.) Dedicate one night per week to State Street:

At least one night of your week can be spent on State Street as a treat for working so hard during your strenuous week. This night on the town can be spent having a slice at Pasquale’s, window shopping, or just having fun with friends and getting away from school work for a bit. Who doesn’t like going out on the town with your dancing shoes on?

3.) Head to Bartle:

Bring all of your school work to Bartle and attempt to make a dent in all that you have fallen behind on. Bartle offers many floors for you to choose from, all of which are quiet enough in case you happen to accidentally fall asleep and need some beauty rest to continue working, and stocked with a cafe where you can get yourself a third cup of coffee for when it’s suddenly midnight and you’ve accomplished close to nothing. The various amounts of work spaces and study rooms within Bartle are perfect for beginning to make progress on school work and, again, for another place to have a good cry in solitude. Let it all out, Bearcat.

2.) Get Ben & Jerry’s from the C-Store:

The C-Store, found in Hinman during the day or App at night, is chock-full of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to support any student in the most stressful of times when a sweet pick-me-up is more than necessary. Sometimes, we all need a little comfort when we’re trying to get our sh*t back in order, and ice cream can be there for you to do the trick when your mom simply cannot. You’d be surprised what a little bit (or a whole pint) of Half Baked could do to your motivation and efficiency of homework.

1.) Go for a run on the track by the East Gym:

Running, and exercise in general, is seen as one of the greatest forms of stress relief, and can help clear a Binghamton student’s mind and encourage a more productive rest of a working day. Running on the track instead of running away from one’s problems of a day can reduce senioritis and can bring a student to exercise their minds while doing the readings they forgot about from the week before. A little exercise outdoors on Binghamton’s one day of sunlight can be enough to get any student back on their feet and get their heads back in their books (or pillows).

If a Bearcat is willing to get that extra cup of coffee or head to the campus library throughout a busy week, the stress that surrounds tests, essays and college life in general can be greatly reduced and motivation and happiness can be sure to increase as well. Senioritis in Binghamton as a sophomore? What is that?

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