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Student Boycotts Volunteer Club for Not Serving Food at GIM


Back to school usually means attending a bunch of GIM’s, eating their food, and then ignoring their emails for the rest of your college career.

At least that is how junior Daniel Janmoore sees it.

Wedsneday evening, Janmoore went to the Bearcats Stop Hunger GIM. However, things went sour quickly for Janmoore during the GIM.

“I walked into UU120 at 6:20 p.m., ten minute before the GIM. I noticed they hadn’t put out any food yet. Maybe they were on their way with Nirchi’s, the BEST GIM food. So I sat down and waited.” Janmoore recalled.

However, nobody showed up with Nirchi’s.

“I was livid. They couldn’t have even bought a bag of chips! Nothing! No food at all. For a Hunger club, they don’t really care about the hungry. I was hungry and they didn’t feed me!”

Janmoore has now made it his mission to end the Bearcats Stop Hunger, or BSH, club. Janmoore has created a petition to the SA to make BSH a non SA-chartered club.

The petition states:

“Bearcats Stop Hunger is a hypocritical club. I went expecting Nirchi’s or even a bag of chips. There was no food. Clearly they don’t care about feeding the hungry. There are other clubs more deserving of SA funding. Even the Zombie Student Association had Nirchi’s at their GIM! Sign now to let the SA know we will not stand for a club that doesn’t even stop hunger on campus.”

So far, Janmoore and the rest of the Pirate Club (a club that goes to other clubs in order to steal their food) have signed the petition.

We reached out to Bearcats for Hunger to see what they thought of the situation.

“This is ridiculous” said Vice President Sarah Martinez. “We have limited funds as it is. We choose to allocate our funds to our mission of feeding the local community. Our funds go to purchasing food for different organizations, advertising food drives, and for other volunteer activities. Spending $26 for a pizza is a waste of money. With that we could have easily purchased 20 soup cans.”

SA has not reached out to comment on whether or not they would stop funding Bearcats Stop Hunger.

Janmoore has created a GoFundMe for people to donate so he can order pizza to make up for, as he puts it, “events causing me personal distress.” So far he has raised $1.

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