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Top 5 Reasons to Sue Binghamton University

BU is supposedly “a Public Ivy”, and even though it’s more affordable than an actual Ivy League school, the administration’s still ripping us off plenty. Well, we can always get our revenge and earn the money we pour into BU back! How? Here are some ideas…

5.) Lack of Food Quality Control:

Sodexo’s a lazy ass company and its food is all around stomachache inducing. A lot of whatever ends up on its hot meal menu clearly came from the freezer, and who knows how long it’s actually been there. Freezer burn isn’t technically lethal, but other places still watch for it because they actually care about quality control. Then there’s the cases where someone’s actually gotten food poisoning from eating fruits from CiW or a quesadilla from C4 Nite Owl…

4.) Trespassing:

Not only do the RAs here barge into your room and silently judge your trashcan of a room without your permission, they’re not even clear about when they’re going to do their so-called “fire inspections”. If you live in the dorms, only certain rooms that are picked at random get checked by actual fire inspectors, and if you live in the apartments, they send emails about it every week. It’s not like they have search warrants, right? This is clearly an invasion of privacy! Not to mention that they’re lowkey accusing us of having things we shouldn’t have before they look for evidence, which goes against court procedures…

3.) Failure to Clear Ice/Snow:

Under NY law, any property owner must maintain the sidewalks and roads leading to and adjacent to any of the buildings they own at a reasonably safe condition, especially after snowfall. As all the students know, especially those of us in Mountainview and the apartment communities, BU tends to neglect to plow and salt areas that’re out of the way compared to the main academic area. So basically people have to cling to the nearest sturdy thing in order to not slide down and die in places that’re supposed to be clear. At least cancel classes until you get things safe, BU!

2.) Health Damages:

BU has a reputation for having a heavier workload than many other schools (like UAlbany, those dorks), and classes are harder. Unfortunately, employers that actually care about GPA seem to unnecessarily judge on your score alone, not considering that we struggle more than the average college kid for the same grades. The extra stress slowly kills us all mentally and emotionally until we just plank on the floor and break down on some random day, crying about how it’s all too much. Stress also has real physical effects, and you can land in the hospital from academic stress.

1.) Harassment for Donations:

Seniors here complain that BU regularly sends emails asking for alumni donations even though that haven’t even graduated yet. What the hell, BU? Everyone here is already drowning in student debt from paying BU tuition fees and buying meal plans and expensive textbooks that’re useless after the semester. The SOM kids also roll their eyes at how SOM claims to offer senior gifts, but then withholds it unless they pay a minimum donation. BU, we don’t care how “generous” of a school you think you are, that is a load of bull.


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