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8 Of The Weirdest Sh*t We Saw at “New” Parade Day


Given that residence halls were closed on Parade Day this year, Binghamton University students took it upon themselves to have a “New” Parade Day–minus the parade. Although we students didn’t actually have a parade to attend, we still had a hell of a time, all the while seeing some interesting stuff one simply cannot unsee. After all, what fun is a celebration without getting a little weird?  

8.) Breakfast on the Go:

Everyone understands the conflict of needing to eat breakfast, but not having the time to do so. Especially on a day like New Parade Day, a balanced meal in the morning is essential to maintain enough energy to get a student through the day. Luckily enough, Bearcats are known to be quite innovative, so this classic “Breakfast on the Go” move, featuring a bagel on a bus tire, was the perfect way to have a balanced breakfast while getting where this student needed to be (all the while, being downright weird to say the least).

7.) Students Picking Things Up and Putting Them Down:

There isn’t much that is weirder than students lifting things up and putting them down in the middle of the street. Sometimes, we all want to think we’re the superheroes we know we aren’t, but this wasn’t necessary in the least bit. Students at Parade Day seemed to have thought they had some sort of super strength, meaning that whatever was in that beverage of theirs must have been pretty darn good.

6.) Dog Shampoo (?):

We love dogs as much as the next guy, but would someone care to explain why we saw dog shampoo downtown on New Parade Day and no dog? Dogs do have impeccably shiny fur coats, but we’re not so sure if Pampered Puppy Shampoo will have the same effect on the hair of a college student. Although this was nothing far from an oddity, maybe the owner of this shampoo could shed some light on the wonders of smelling like a puppy, and just how that ties into their dating life. Everyone *does* love puppies.

5.) Bouncy House:

Finding this bouncy house was like finding a weird hidden treasure you never thought you needed. Although very odd to have seen downtown, this brought back every student’s nostalgic memories of childhood (although some of them perhaps being not too pleasant). This unexpected gift brought many moments of joy to students (to those who could keep their ‘Breakfast on the Go’ down), and brought questions to many who wondered who in the world bought this contraption.

4.) Interesting Outfit Choices:

Before coming to Binghamton, how much green did we all really own? For some of us, though, green is a popular choice for outfit colors apparently. Along with Zubaz, we saw various outfit choices that made our heads turn a bit. Who knew shot glasses could be built into suspenders ?!

3.) Lifeguard Chairs:

After Blizzard Stella, it’s no wonder a Bearcat would want to climb up a lifeguard chair and pretend they’re on the beach. Luckily for us, this was available (for some reason) on New Parade Day. Whether this entity was found out on the streets or bought from who knows where, we thought this was a bit strange to find in somebody’s house, but to each his own. You only live once, right? Might as well live it to the fullest and live out your dreams of being a gorgeous lifeguard. 

2.) Holes in the Wall:

Hole-y moly, someone packs a punch. We would not want to get into a fight with this Bearcat. Luckily for us, we found this gem after the fact. No staff was hurt in the capturing of this image.

1.) A Penguin:

Why? We have so many questions.

Each Parade Day, a good amount of weird, questionable shit goes down, and luckily we were able to capture just some of it, even on “New” Parade Day. From bagels on buses to plastic penguins, a BU Parade Day never fails to make us scratch our heads and wonder what the hell is going on here. Stay weird, Bearcats.


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