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Worst Things About Living in Each Community at BU

Everyone that’s entered BU as a freshman has lived in at least one of the 5 dorm communities for at least a year. We’ve gathered info on the worst things about living in each community:

5.) CiW:

Well, the worst has to come first. The rooms are pretty much dank caves even with the pathetic lighting provided, the WiFi is at its shittiest here, there’s no air conditioning, and the heat is super uneven with one side of the floor having too much heat and none of it circulating to the rest of the floor. The public bathrooms with two stalls for most of the floor and the chronic lack of soap are just the worst, especially when some party people decide to throw up in the sink.

4.) Hinman:

Hinman is also pretty old with no air conditioning and sucky heating, but at least it’s not full of stoners like CiW. At least you have suites here with one bathroom for 4 people instead of 2 stalls for 20 people, but the flipside is that if you run out of toilet paper shortly after the designated weekly cleaning day, you’ve got to wait until the next cleaning day to get more toilet paper…and then the public ones might not have any either.

3.) Mountainview:

First of all, we think that Mountainview should switch names with Hillside because Hillside has a better view of the area. Second of all, there are barely any stairs to help with trekking up and down the infamous hill; instead, there’s this convoluted and steep slope that turns into an ice slide every winter. Third, sound travels through the ventilation, meaning that you can hear anything your suitemates say, even if they’re legitimately whispering.

2.) Newing:

Newing and Dickinson are pretty similar with the distance from the academic campus making getting to most classes a hike. The dancing for the motion sensors with the clicky sounds present in both dorms are also annoying. Newing, however, distinguishes itself with poor bathroom ventilation and the wrong proportions of social lounges with study lounges. Also, the honor students tend to live there, which may make you feel guilty for being an inferior and underachieving drunkard.

1.) Dickinson:

Another sucky thing about both Newing and Dickinson is that they share C4, which is considered to be the worst dining hall due to the subpar food despite claiming to be the fanciest one and the pancake line opening too late and the lack of a C-Store. Unlike Newing, Dickinson is stereotyped as where those Long Islanders gather since everyone wants the shiny new buildings. We will say that the supposedly sound proof walls are a total lie, though. They’re also paper thin.

Those transfers are pretty lucky that they weren’t forced to live in a dorm; they’re expensive for a ton of dumb rules and little space or privacy.


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