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6 Local Restaurants That Should Cater Dabo’s Championship Party


Papa John’s in Death Valley? Yes, please! Dabo’s Pizza Party was a huge hit, but for a National Championship victory, we need a celebration worthy of the true spirit of Clemson. To help Dabo up the ante for his next free-food-extravaganza, The Black Sheep has some suggestions for the ultimate, Clemson-themed post-season party.



6.) All In Coffee Shop:


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 8.41.20 AM


One word: cheesecake. What better way to celebrate a victory than with a restaurant named after Dabo’s famous motto? Basically, Coach just needs to buy out the often drooled-over display of delectable desserts and have a post-game dessert lunch in Death Valley. Peanut butter cup, oreo, fudge truffle, German chocolate—oh, and some blueberry muffins if people want to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Blueberries are a super food now, after all.



5.) Todaro Pizza:



Pizza is still a great option, but why not help out a local Clemson place? Offering traditional as well as specialty pizzas, like the “Big Bad Barbeque Chicken,” Todaro would be todarolly welcome in Death Valley. They even have some tailgate favorites like wings and pigs in a blanket, so fans could relive the bygone days of fall tailgating while watching game highlights.



4.) SunnySide Café:




After a night of intense gameplay, drinking and celebration, what could be better than a free breakfast courtesy of Dabo? Although new, SunnySide Café is quickly achieving fame for breakfast classics like pancakes, bacon and shrimp n’grits. Plus, they use local suppliers, so Dabo could support the local economy along with all us hung-over fans! They even have catering, so the food could come to us in Death Valley.



3.) Tokyo Sushi Grill:




No, not the chain. Clemson’s Tokyo Grill is local, delicious and inventive, serving up some spirited sushi like the “Go Tiger” and “Highway 123” rolls. If sushi’s not your thing, you can always enjoy a show at the hibachi grill, or just go straight for dessert with some of the true epitomes of southern cuisine: deep-fried Oreos and deep-fried cheesecake. Dabo should definitely get some of those.



2.) Moe Joe Coffee Co:


mojo palmetto parm


With amazing coffee and craft beer, what’s not to love? Plus, Moe Joe’s was founded by a former Clemson football player, so it’s the perfect spot for Dabo to buy us all food—uh, celebrate our victory. The victorious players and euphoric fans alike could kick back with sexy sandwiches like the “Palmetto Parm” and the “Tillman Turkey,” all while enjoying the finest of craft beer, coffee, and gloating Facebook posts.



1.) The Blue Heron:


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 8.45.16 AM


Go big or go home, amiright? The Blue Heron is Clemson’s quintessential high rollin’ restaurant, and Dabo could totally afford it. Students could pretend to be pro-footballers with luxurious entrees of filet mignon, racks of lamb, specialty drinks like the “Game Day” and the “Tigerita,” or even some Clemson-themed options like the “Lake Hartwell Monster” or the “Howard’s Rock” steak salad. Basically, Dabo should just book the entire restaurant, bar included. What could possibly go wrong?


Honorable Mention:


The Smokin’ Pig: Native to Pendleton, the Smokin’ Pig isn’t technically a Clemson joint—but their place in our hearts earns their place on this list. Dabo could even order in and throw a sequel party in Death Valley, the sound of game highlight replays the only thing louder than the devouring of greasy goodness.


While some naysayers may question the validity of future celebratory free food in Death Valley, The Black Sheep says: why not? Dabo—book the date. And go Tigers!


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