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6 Things You Can Do With Free Condoms from Rutgers


College is expensive. Alcohol is expensive. Food is expensive. Basically everything in college is expensive…except condoms. At CVS its $13 for only 10… Hurtado (on College Ave) sells 12 condoms for $5…that’s a pretty damn good deal. If you’re lucky sometimes they are given out for FREE. Here are a few fun things you can do with condoms, other than have sex, of course.


6.) Condom Challenge:



We’re not really sure how this “challenge” came about or why someone would waste a perfectly good condom in such a way. However, it sure as hell is fun to do and even more entertaining to watch. Sadly, when we tried the challenge we were not very successful. Bet you can’t do better, though.


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If you can, tweet your vid to us here!


5.) Condom Balloon Animals: 




Did you know you can make a dog out of ONE condom by blowing it up like a balloon? You can. We swear. We made a snake, though. If you have friends like we do,  they may try deep-throating this snake…just be aware.


4.) Condom Shower Cap:




There’s nowhere on campus to buy shower caps. Condoms, on the other hand, seem to be in every nook and cranny (unfortunately, sometimes used). So, next time you want to preserve that awesome hair-do for one more day–use a condom to protect it. You can even use the used ones to snag that wet look that’s so in right now.


3.) Condom Socks/Rain Boots:



How many times have you worn shoes that were not waterproof, and then had to sit in class wet socks? Next time it rains, just use some condoms! They come in many sizes and colors, so feel free to customize. You never have to worry about that annoying wet sock feeling again. Unless you’re using the one your roommate used 20 minutes ago…


2.) Condom Pencil Case:




Pretty self-explanatory. And cheap. Ahead of the trend, maybe? How jealous would that guy who always wears pink suits to class be when you pull out your condom pencil case? You can even add an extra design with all the holes you’ll be making with your pencils. And after that you can use that same condom later that night. #RECYCLE


1.) Condom Snack Bag:




You have to pay for plastic snack bags…Rutgers offers free condoms. Plus, condoms are even more durable than the bags we are accustomed to using. You no longer have to fear the juices of your potentially squished fruit leaking from its encasing. And this new “snack bag” will definitely not pop. Furthermore, if you want to hit jackpot, just get a flavored condom so you can eat your snack bag with the snack.


Sex is fun, but playing with condoms is even more fun… actually that’s not true. But,  hey, you now have 6 ideas of how to use condoms in different fun ways. 

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