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Bartender of the Week: Colin from Beggar’s Banquet


Bar: Beggar’s Banquet

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Human biology

Favorite Drink: Hendrick’s gin and Soda

Favorite Shot: Rumple Minze

Disgusting Drink: Mexican Prairie Fire (Tequila and Tabasco)


What liquor or beer should be pumpkin spiced? Why?:

Kahlua. Beggar’s needs a Pumpkin Spiced White Russian on the menu.


How would the clientele of Beggar’s change if it became kitten-themed?:

We’d immediately fill up with crazy cat ladies and Hello Kitty enthusiasts.


Which design is least appropriate for a pumpkin?:

Hitler. A Swastika. Any Nazi symbols, really.


What horror movie villain do you most want to make out with? Why?:

Megan Fox from Jennifer’s Body. I think the reason is pretty self-explanatory.


What’s something about fall everyone likes but you hate, or vice-versa? Why?:

I’m not a fan of baking season. Everybody’s always in the kitchen baking pies when they should be at Beggar’s taking shots.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found yourself doing in a car?:

Lighting off fireworks from the back of one. A firework kind of missed and ended up ricocheting all over the inside of the car (Thank God it wasn’t mine). The front passenger’s seat was totally destroyed.


Where was the last place you were surprised you woke up?

Freshman year I woke up on a stranger’s futon. I think it’s because her (we’re not sure who lived there, but we’re assuming she was female) room was close to the bathroom and I was attempting to make my way there.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?

It takes away your Monday Blues.

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