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Bartender of the Week: Harper’s Bartender Sophie

Name: Sophie

Bar: Harper’s

Relationship Status: Taken

Major: Nursing

Favorite Drink: Long Island

Favorite Shot: Purple Gatorade

Disgusting Drink: Scooby Snacks


What drink best pairs with MSU’s upcoming season?: Adios Motherfuker


Which drink is least tailgate-friendly? Why?: Mind-Eraser, because you want to remember the sweet memories of MSU’s wins.


What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?: Dog treats


Explain the difference between making love and having sex in 5 words or less: Eye contact and being sober


What non-hat object would make the best hat? Why?: A bowl because it will do a better job of protecting your head while being stylish.


Who deserves a shout-out in these hallowed pages? Why?: My big because she buys me alcohol.


What chip flavor that should be invented hasn’t been invented?: Margarita


What’s something you want to do less than eat a bowl of Donald Trump’s hair?: Vote for Donald Trump


Why should people read The Black Sheep?: It’s the paper that will be brutally honest.


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